New to the fertility community


Hi everyone, I’m new to the fertility community. Well my husband and I have been attempting to let nature take it’s course for 1.5 years. I have not been testing my basel body temp, just simply not using any method of birth control. My husband is in the army and for the last 6 months we have barley seen eachother, which may be the reason why I am STILL not pregnant.

He came into towm the 10th, and the first day of my period was October 28th. This, from my understanding, put us in the perfect window to conceive. We had sex the 10th, 12th, 13th, and the 14th. Yesturday out of nowhere I started to get horrible cramps that felt like af was coming, they were so bad I had to lay down. It felt like my insides were twisting and was also gasey. I was wondering if these are implantation cramps or am I just paranoid? My period is not due until the end of the month, and I had no bleeding but a little discharge. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Is it a good sign?

thank you!!


I highly doubt it would be from implantation, I would suspect ovulation or gas or something else entirely.

Good luck!


thanks for the imput…I hate the anxiety of wondering if I am or if I will ever conceive. I seem to psyche myself out every month thinking it’s “the month” and it never is…:frowning:


sounds a bit early for implantation , it’s probably ovulation pain. Best of luck with your cycle :slight_smile: