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I will be starting my first IUI in Aug. I will be doing Clomid on days 5-9 and the hcg trigger and then put on Prometrium. They said nothing is wrong with myself or my husband. He has a good count and good movers. Last month they tested me and said I had 7 good follicles. They had my husband come in on the 9th for his specimen and they froze it. I thought that freezing it was a little strange, has anyone been through this and what where your results.



Hi Bridget,

I getting prepared to start IUI’s for baby #2 - hopefully also in August. We were successful back in 2011 after our second IUI and now have a 16 month old.

DH (dear husband) is going for another semenalisis on Tuesday - my doc wants to make sure there are no surprises with his count and to see what has changed since two years ago. He always tested borderline low but for the first IUI it was 12 mil and the second IUI was only 4 mil.

As far as freezing goes, my doc has never done that so I can’t speak to that. Maybe his number were really high? Did they say why they didn’t want to do a fresh one the day of? Did they tell you what the count was?


His count last month was 17.5 mil. but they said they wanted it at least 20 mil. because some will die when they defrost. My doc. never really told me why he is going this way.


Hi Bridget,

Just checking in with you to see how things are going? Any udates? Are you still on track for your IUI next month.

We are in a bit of a holding pattern. I’m still waiting on CD1 to schedule HSG. Both DH and have gotten all of our bloodwork done. We’ve had a bit of a set back since DH got his SA results. Worst ever!..according to the doctor. :grr:He’s going to have to repeat it but I’m a bit worried.

Hope everything is going well for you.


hey girls! just started an august iui buddies post! come join!