New to the site...and infertility


Hi, all…I’m new to this, and am looking for some support as my by husband and I venture into the world of infertility/fertility treatments. I’m 30, he’s 36, I have PCOD and he’s close to being sickeningly perfect :grouphug: I have an 11 DB and my hubby has 2 DDs, 17 and 12.

We’ve been married for 17 months, and I’ve been off BCP since a month before the wedding. No baby yet…:confused: We started seeing a specialist in January this year, and after a battery of tests, probing and poking, we started our first cycle of fertility meds last week!

I took 5mg of letrozole in the pm on cd 3-7, now I’m waiting to go in for a US this Thursday to see if I have follicles ready to trigger…:cross: also was prescribed progesterone suppositories to have on standby…

I’ve read a lot of positive things about this type of treatment, and I’m feeling hopeful about the results…hoping and praying for a happy, healthy baby soon!


Good luck, and this is a great spot for support and information!



Yes, Good Luck! I recently found this site and this is my first time posting. I have been reading so many positive stories. I think it’s great to have this outlet. :welcome: :bsv: