New to this and just looking for support and guidance


My background…my amazing husband and I have been TTC for almost 2 years (we’re both in our early 30s). In November of last year we decided it was time to try Clomid (50mg, days 3-7). The first month I did not respond very well (only 1 decent sized follicle, no HCG). The second month responded a little better but not much (had a decent size follicle on my left side, proceeded with the HCG). Third month I was bumped up to 100mg and seemed to respond a little better (had a pretty decent size follicle on my left side). When I went in for my ultrasound had the worst appt ever. During the ultrasound the dr detected a heartbeat and put me at about 9 weeks (best news ever), unfortunately it was in my left tube (looking back it sorta made sense, my period completely changed, the past few months I have a spotting period, when I used to have a pretty horrendous period, I was having a lot of abdominal pain and many other bizarre symptoms). They ordered bloodwork immediately and I was sent home to await the results. The dr called me a few hours later and said the pregnancy test came back negative but needed to see me first thing Monday morning for another ultrasound (needless to say it was a long and hard weekend). They did another ultrasound and found that I now had a large tumor and several cysts that were growing by the day. I was scheduled for surgery a day later and had the surgery a few days later. I’ve had issues with cysts in the past and had a previous surgery so I wasn’t thrilled to have to have yet another surgery bc of scar tissue, etc. Had the surgery, felt pretty crummy the next week. The dr decided to do the HSG test during the surgery so I was happy about that. Unfortunately it showed my left tube did not spill dye (she didn’t tell me where exactly the blockage was) and that the tube itself looked abnormal and the fimbriae looked very abnormal and like a clubbed foot (she did not attempt to open the tube). At my post-op appt she tells me all of this and suggests I go in for an IVF consultation bc it seems I’m going to have difficulty getting pregnant on my own (I was devastated). she also said I should maybe move on to the injectables. So I met with the infertility specialist on Tuesday and he thought we should continue with the Clomid, then move on to the injectables with IUI or I could just jump to the injectables. I’m so confused and overwhelmed. My body doesn’t seem to respond that great to Clomid so I’m not sure why I would continue that. I am only getting good sized follicles on my left side, which is the tube that is blocked :(. I desperately want to have a family and I’m so frustrated. To me it makes the most sense to have a surgery to try and open the left tube and fix the fimbriae, if possible. If that could be fixed I may not need to go through injectables or IVF. Has anyone had a similar issue? If so what did you do? Should I see and RE and see if I’m a candidate for tubal cannulation? Thanks in advance for reading, desperately need some support and guidance :).