New to this forum and have lots of questions


Hello all I am new to this forum and have lots of questions i hope you all can help me out. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago and me and my husband are trying to conceive our first child. I was told that my right tube was blocked. This cycle I took clomid days 3-6 and when I went to the RE on day 12 for Ultra sound she said that I had 4 good follicles on my Right side which was good. They measured 23.87x 14.96mm, 25.24x18.39mm, 18.84x17.56mm and 12.53x 17.86mm. They Gave me e trigger shot on Day 12 and told us to have sex Days 12-15 and to start taking Crione on day 16. I was wondering if it could be possible that the trigger shot released all my eggs? I really don’t know much since this is our first round at this. And also if they can all be fertilized. I appreciate any responses :nerd: