New to this forum


Wanted to introduce myself. Here is my story… (sorry its so long!!!)

This is my 2nd forum I joined for support and friendship. My husband and I have been together for 10 years, married for 5, and have been ttc for a year now. Went off bcp in July 2012 and we started ttc in Aug 2012 and when still no :af: by Oct 2012, I made an appt with a OB referred to me by my GI doctor. I saw a very experienced high risk OB to have a pre-conception apt (I have Crohn’s Disease and am high risk due to that even though I am super healthy and have been in remission 6 years now) and she said if :af: hasn’t arrived by Jan 2013 to give her a call. I called her office in January when AF still hadn’t showed and the OB said I needed to see a RE cause they had no idea why I wasn’t getting AF. All tests for PCOS had been negative.

At the same time, I read about Fertilaid for regulating your period, so I started taking that 3 x a day as instructed on the bottle starting in January 2013. I had read many good things about how well it worked for so many people, but that you had to give it the full 3 months for it to work up and take effect. I figured it was worth a try since our insurance did not cover anything fertility related at all. I gave it 3 months and still no sign of :af: . Finally this past April after no :af: for 9 months I called and made an apt with an RE. This is my 3rd medicated cycle with her and we are hopefully doing and IUI this month :slight_smile:

I am feeling WAY better after finally having a diagnosis and not being some weird case where no one knows what the heck is wrong with me! Also having the RE monitor me every month and knowing where I stand has done wonders for my sanity.

I want to wish everyone on here good luck and :cross: :cross: for everyone here during their own emotional journeys



Welcome to the forum!

I am doing much of the same things you are. Currently waiting to see if/when :af: arrives. I had IUI 6/25 and still no period and still :bfn: on my testing. Here’s praying my :bfp: is just delayed!


I hope you are just a late :bfp: and that :af: wont show her ugly face! :slight_smile: If not this time I am sure you will be :preg: soon :slight_smile: