New to this site


Hi everyone,

  I am new to this site and want to find support and share my story. I am 31 and am a mother of a 3 year old. I have been trying for about 2 years to conceive number 2. The first time I used ovulation kit predictors it worked an I got pregnant but when I went to the doctors they couldn't find the heartbeat. They waited a week and then the sac was loosing its shape so they sent me for a d n c. Since then I have been trying during ovulation and nothing. I am even seeing a fertility specialist who sees good lining , follicles an my blood says I'm surging. She even checks me after to see if I did ovulate and says I am. The only things that have changed in my cycle are I ovulate late like day 20 to as late as day 30.. My luteal phase is short and sometimes I spot before my period comes. I also had one high level of FSH at 10.7 but then the doc checked my 3 day FSH and it was fine. 

I just tried progesterone and it didn’t work. I’m so heartbroken. My little one asks for a sibling everyday. I can’t take school drop off where I have the only child.
My doctor mentioned ivf but I also suffer from health anxiety and I’m not sure if I can handle taking all the meds and injections. I never thought this would be so hard. I just feel so depressed that I can give my child a brother or a sister. I can’t understand how I got pregnant so fast with the miscarriage and now nothing .