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My DH & I have been together 10 years next month (married almost 2) We’ve been TTC over a year. I’ve gone thru a bunch of tests only to find nothing wrong. He had a SA done last month with a result of ZERO. We were devastated. He had hormone testing done about a week ago- just got the results from the urologist, & basically low normal T & high FSH. Basically the urologist said its testicular failure & we should probably consider a SD. We just aren’t ready to accept that yet & I’ve been reading so many other things that give me hope but my DH is feeling hopeless. I’m looking for some support & inspiration at this point. This whole journey is driving me crazy & I feel like it has consumed my life. I never would’ve imagined we would be in this situation. I just don’t know if it’s worth the emotional stress to keep going. We have an appt w/ a fertility doc that specializes in male infertility in about 2 weeks. The urologist basically told me it would be a waste of time. However- when we went to him for the first appt he told us he was “only a general plumber” so I’m not sure if he’s right & we should just consider the donor route or if he just isn’t the right doc for us. Anyone with a similar situation who could offer some insight would be greatly appreciated.


You should absolutely see a male factor specialist to try to get a better sense of what is going on. Even if there are no sperm on a test, your husband may still have sperm that can be retrieved surgically from the testicle and used in conjunction with IVF. If you search through the boards here you will find a lot of info about your options. Is it possible you will still wind up using a donor or adopting? Yes. But you definitely have options to at least explore before going down that road. If you have specific questions feel free to PM me, we did IVF plus mTese twice.


Make sure you get the genetic testing and karyotyping done. I was diagnosed with Y-Chromosome Microdeletion. If your DH has the same and it is AZFc deletion (the most common) there are still good chances in recovering sperm (mine is AZFB & C and the chances are very little). At least if you find the cause you can better decide your next move. My visit with the urologist was similar, he said it was testicular failure and that were no changes I would have a biological child. Unfortunately he was probably right. I am trying HCG now and probably will try the mTese next year but the chances of finding sperm is still very low so we have a backup SD plan.