New to this ttc for 8 years now with pcos&male infertility


[FONT=Arial Black]hey there im new to this been trying to conceive for 8 years now been married for almost 1 year
when i was was younger i use to get long periods i only started at 15 same as my mother my periods started getting further and further apart now they are non existent i was diagnost with pcos 4 years ago and now i am on metformin 2000mg/day i was so happy when the doc finally gave me clomid:pray: but then the test came in and they told me my husband had a zero sperm count and that we were not going to be able to have a baby naturally i was crushed im having him retested just to make sure its been almost 2 years since they told me that anyways im going to be doing my first iui in june and im very excited :clap:its the only thing keeping me motivated now my familly doesnt understand me at all and i have no support other than my husband so im looking for support here :grouphug:please help


:welcome: good luck on your first iui. My first one will be hopefully in April.