New to this!


I am on day 3 of my cycle and getting ready to start In Vitro. This is my first time and I have no idea where to go on here. Any help?


Well, you are in the right place…
I know when I first started the process I read thru alot of different topics and found a thread that suited me. If someone doesn’t start a thread for the week of your retrieval or transfer then you can start one of your own and others will jump in. There are so many places to start, just depends what you are looking for. I have changed threads over the course of the process because different topics are relevant to different times of the IVF process. For example you may see a topic Embryo retrieval for last week of April and maybe join that one if yours will be scheduled then. Typically you will stick with that thread until you find out if you are preggers and then join a new thread for due date buddies. Meanwhile feel free to post questions on the board for urgent question items you want more feedback on. Hope this helps and good luck to you!!!:bsv: