New trial


If you have had more than 3 failed IVF’s there is a new clinical trial recruiting I read about today and I believe it’s 100% free!


Do you have any details or links about the trial?


You may be eligible for the Thrive-IVF Research Study if you: Are between 21 and 38 years of age Have had 3 or more failed IVF cycles that included transfer of good-quality embryos (at least 2 of these involving the transfer of fresh embryos) Study participants will be required to make approximately 11 clinic visits in the Thrive-IVF Research Study. Qualified participants will receive IVF medications and study medication at no cost and IVF procedures at no cost. Women who are pregnant at the end of the Thrive-IVF Research Study can participate in the Thrive-IVF Follow-up Study to monitor the progress of their pregnancies. The Thrive-IVF Research Study is evaluating the efficacy, safety and tolerability of NT100, an investigational medicine in women who have had repeated IVF failures despite having good-quality embryos. NT100 is a novel biologic agent similar to a naturally occurring protein in the female reproductive tract that has been specifically designed and developed to improve pregnancy success rates and outcomes in women who have undergone multiple unsuccessful IVF procedures. NT100 is being evaluated to determine if it improves your chances of getting pregnant after IVF. Visit for more information about NT100. To see if you may be eligible for the Thrive-IVF Research Study, click here. For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, click here. For more information about research studies, click here. To share information about the research study with others, click here.


Looks like your age might hold you back! I sure wish they would do more studies for us older women!!