Newbie here, & lost



I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and desperately wanting some help, of any kind, so I hope I’m in the right place.

We have been told we cannot conceive naturally due to my partner’s infertility; confirmed by a bilateral testes biopsy a few years ago. We brushed it under the carpet and ignored it and never fully dealt with it, and now it is starting to affect me. I have never felt I can talk to him about it as he has always refused to talk about it, but lately we have started talking more and more about starting a family and I want to get as much info as I can.

I have the written findings from the procedure but I just don’t have a clue what they mean. Is there anybody on here that can explain it to me a bit better maybe? The doctor we saw was very abrupt when he gave us the news, and just said “Nope, nothing you can do. Adoption’s a choice.” I can’t bring myself to face up to that being the only option just yet and I am determined to exhaust all possible routes, alternative and all, before we accept that.

This is what the results said:
[I]The sections show fragments of testicular parenchyma with signs of tubular atrophy. The seminiferous tubules show Sertoli cells but no normal spermatogenesis. There is thickening of basement membranes and an apparent increase in interstitial Leydig cells.

Right and left seminiferous tubules - atrophy
If anybody can put this into normal English I’d really appreciate it. I obviously get the gist of it; he doesn’t make any sperm full stop. I need to know if there’s any way this can be corrected.

Thank you so much,


Hi, Rosie. I am unfamiliar with this condition and am not qualified to translate. My hubby and I got a similar diagnosis and we hid from it for a while. We decided to have a consultation with a new doctor and he is awesome. I hope someone can answer your questions, but it couldn’t hurt to look for a new doc. You’ll definitely want to be seeing someone you’re both comfortable with. Good luck to you!