Hi, Have an 11 year old son. Recently married in June 2011. TTC for 11 months now. Had miscarriage prior to my son. Just recently started seeing a fertility doctor. Had all my ultrasounds and some blood work already on schedule. No blocked tubes (though for sure that would be the issue). Had ultrasound today at CD (cycle day) 12. Have one mature follicle at 20mm. Doctor said to have intercourse over the next 1 to 3 days. TTC naturally for now. Next step is to check my ovulation, to make sure I am ovulating. I will go in for another ultrasound on Thurs May 17th to see if I am ovulating by seeing if the follicle has made its way out. I hope this makes sense. I am sure if its an ovulation issue then they will give me shots?? Not sure of all the fertility abbreviations so if someone can lend me a helping hand with that, a crash course in TTC lingo that would be great.:thankyou: :pray: :pray: :pray: :cross: Praying.