Newbie with a tricky one :(


Hi ladies I have ghosted on this site for a while , but feel I need some help. Background: i have PCOS. IHad 3 x failed clomid cycles and had my first IUI cancelled on 29th July due to overstim . 5 follicles too big ( largest 22mm) . Told not to BD , Yet was naughty and did it anyways … Had a very light bleed (for two days) a week after cancelled cycle , which docs say would not have been my period … It’s now been three weeks no BFP or AF Had a scan Friday and the doctor was very confused … Said I would have definitely ovulated a couple of eggs a few days after the cancelled cycle … But not a clue where my period is … . I’m getting cramping and have been mega tiered … Could I have ovulated late ? Confused … Sorry for the ramble … Any clues ?


I would have done the same thing :slight_smile: I know that since I started taking fertility drugs, AF comes eight days later then usual. I used to be a typical 28 day cycle and more recently, I turned into a 36-37 day cycle. AF doesn’t come till almost a week after my BFN.