Hey all. Brand new to this site. Doing first iui for secondary infertility with femara/trigger shot. Any tips/advice? We’re quite nervous.:cross:


Try not to go crazy. :slight_smile:

GOOD LUCK! :babydust:


[QUOTE=Finch12]Try not to go crazy. :slight_smile:

GOOD LUCK! :babydust:[/QUOTE]

Ha! Thanks! Easier said than done, but trying. :slight_smile:


Hi uberfoody! Best wishes to you for a successful outcome! I know you are nervous and feeling anxious. We are on round 4 of ivf and I still am nervous daily…I find any little thing to worry about. Try to stay as stress free as possible and let hubby do some pampering…A lot of the ladies here suggest acupuncture. Just a thought, best wishes and I pray you will soon be a mommy to be.