Newie, need surro clinic


Why is such a difference in places, is it depend on the price of the package? Are they are differ, I mean the rooms or whatever they have? it’s very convenient to pay in parts. But do the all clinics allow their clients to pay in parts? Or it depends on the clinic, right?


Yes, if I correctly understand, they provide you with hotel room in case you choose the cheapest package. It doesn’t mean that it will be uncomfortable place for living, but you will not live separately from other clients. But in case you choose standard or vip packages you will be provided with your own apartment. I suppose that little but important details make your comfort better according to the chosen type of contract. Anyway we all have a driver and interpreter, both things make our presence there easier and safer. And yes again, you are right this depends on clinic, not every clinic there can give you a possibility to pay in parts.


Well, let imagine, I chose the standard btw, that is the price of each package? Will be we provided with a big room? Is it far away from clinic? In case we want to go shopiing will the driver be with us all this time?
I’m curious you said there are 3 contracts, the main difference is a price but why? because of a place of an accommodation or what?


I’m so sorry you’ve been through all these. I know how it feels, I’m also experiencing infertility. It is the worst time in my life. I’m not sure I could survive. I have nobody to share with my pain. My husband doesn’t know about my current state and I believe he will never know. I don’t want to ruin my life with my stupid actions in the past. I want to find any solutions of my problem. Well, I saw you were spoken about ukraine… is it true? is there so good? Do they provide all couples with everything what they needed? What we need to have before going there? I was told on other forum that only usa and ukraine are open for international susoogacy. Does it mean that other countries will not accept the strangers? What about thailand can we go there for doing surrogacy?


Surrogacy process goes like this with them.
Initial consultation. It usually contains the following activities: A set of tests depending on the program (fasting is mandatory). Consultation with a fertility specialist who will be in charge of your program (in case of stimulation you will need to have the transvaginal ultrasound check done). Consultation with a manager who will guide you through the program step by step. Signing of contracts. Before any initial consultation you will receive the Guidelines for the Initial Consultation – failure to follow these recommendations may affect the initial consultation in a negative way.
Search & confirmation of a surrogate mother, matching process. Waiting time depends on the type of contact.
Stimulation & synchronisation stage (about 2 weeks). The cycle of egg donor or the biological mother is synchronised with the cycle of a surrogate mother. According to your contract you have to follow all doctors instruction. In case of self-treatment or violation of the treatment protocol, the clinic may cancel the cycle and terminate the contract.
Fertilization day, embryo transfer - the 2nd visit. In case the biological mother undergoes hormonal stimulation and is being prepared for egg retrieval, the second visit may take up to 10 days. If we are talking about surrogacy using own eggs it is not recommended to leave the same day. Flying the following day is fine.The rules for sperm donation are similar as for the initial consultation – a man needs to abstain from ejaculation from 3 to 5 days before. After fertilisation the embryo development is monitored by embryology unit. The embryo transfer takes place on the 5th day. You will receive the protocol of embryo cultivation and transfer within 3 working days after the embryo transfer.
HCG test, pregnancy confirmation. The first ultrasound scan is carried out in 2 weeks after the positive HCG test by the doctor in charge of the program. The report will be send the same or the next day after the check.
Pregnancy monitoring.
Obtaining of the birth certificate for the baby (up to 1 week).
Just in case somebody needs more insight.


There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of surrogacy, so the best option will depend upon each specific situation. Your doctor can give you more insights on the same. Like mine in Bio tex. One of the advantages of traditional surrogacy is that it typically involves a lower cost that gestational surrogacy. This is because there is no donation fee, and if the first effort at insemination does not work, it can be attempted again in a matter of weeks rather than several months. In addition, with the process of traditional surrogacy, it is unlikely that the surrogate will need to take additional fertility medication. It is important to note, though, that with traditional surrogacy, the surrogate will be the child’s biological mother. With gestational surrogacy, because the sperm and the egg both come from the intended child’s biological parents, the surrogate will not be biologically related to the child and is only used for carrying purposes. This can be of extreme importance to many parents. Because many women are capable of producing healthy eggs, yet are not able to become pregnant, they are ideal candidates to choose a gestational surrogate, as are those who may be able to become pregnant but have a history of miscarriage.


I believe this video will explain things well-- More and more couples are choosing Ukraine as surrogacy destination. No wonder, 'cause law there favors the IP more than the surrogates. And having spent loads of time and money IP always want to get some guarantees. Such as the surrogate won’t back out. Or the surrogate won’t keep the baby after delivery (Even if both of the DNA in the baby are not hers!) We all have encountered stories where IP were struggling for their baby after delivery when their surrogate changed her mind and wanted the baby to be hers. And we all felt compassionate about that. So Ukrainian surrogacy law may be the great solution for those willing to feel safe with the process. The baby is considered to be the IP’s in Ukraine from the moment of conception!! The surrogate has NO RIGHT to keep the baby after she SIGNS the contract with IP!! The baby’s birth certificate is issued with the names of the IP. The surro has no standing right for the baby!! Besides the programs costs vary from 40k-50k euros which is incredibly cheaper comparing to surrogacy programs in other countries which still allow it commercially or altruistic. I want to say that the process itself is never easy for the surrogate. In the US for example, there may be (not everywhere 'cause surrogacy law varies there from state to state) many requirements to qualify to be a surrogate:
21yrs old minimum.
Financially stable.
No govt. assistance…financial or medical.
No drug/alcohol/tobacco use.
Support system in place.
Given birth and raising her own child/ren.
Pass psychological evaluation.
Pass background checks.
Pass medical screening. And this is not the whole list.
Ukrainian Bio tex com, for example, screens their surrogates for all possible diseases in them and their families. They all have proven fertility. Perfect mental health. I absolutely love this approach! There’s plenty of things to be discussed concerning surrogacy there surely.