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I am new to this forum.
I always find this useful but after a long wait i had to join this.

I am diagnoised with PCOS , m little plump.
I started my treatment in 2007

metformin 800 morning and evening

2 cycles clomid 50 (no ovulation)
2 cycles clomid 100 (no ovulation)
2 cycles clomid 150 (no ovulation)
4 months break
2 cycles clomid 150 (no ovulation)
dont know why doctor didnot give up on this.

Metformin exteded release 1500with dinner
levothroid early morning
vitamin d, prenatal (huh popping pills everyday)

3 cycles of femara with 1IUI (:clap: yay…ovulated all the 3 times but no conception :af: )
3 months break
1 cycles of menopur
4 folicles and 7.5mm lining
2 day after they one know why.and how:grr:

3 times ovulated but no luck, my DH count motility everything is perfect…donno why did not conceive!!!

1 month break

Added these two in addition to what i was taking before

estradoil 2 times a day (lining was 6)
prometrium vaginal 2 times a day

femara and 2 IUIs. (ovulated and waiting for results this 19th):cross: :pray:

good luck to me n everyone :bsv:



:bsv: Hey! Just checking in, hope you get GREAT news on the 19th!!! :pray: :pray:


Thanks megan.
goodluck to you too !!!

lots of luv…