Next IUI or IVF?


I am planning on going for IVF on next January after trying to
conceive naturally and 2 failed IUIs.
Please advice me with any recommends before attempting this step. As I don’t have anyone to advice.

Here is my story
Age : 30 at present
——------Married in 2014 —————
Got naturally pregnancy in 2014 but had a manual abortion (due to some
personal family problems )
————2015-2016 ------------------
Tried naturally from 2015-2016 >>> No Pregnancy
————Visited fertility clinic ——-
OB doctor asked us to visit fertility clinic after trying to conceive
naturally. Below are the process doctor followed
Step 1 : just Clomid medicine for 2 cycles >>> No Pregnancy
Step 2 : Clomid with Ovidrel for 2 cycle >>> No Pregnancy
Step 3 : Clomid , Ovidrel & IUI >> Pregnant but ended with
miscarriage on 3 month
Step 4 : Clomid for 2 cycles >>> No Pregnancy
Step 5 : letrozole, Ovidrel & IUI >>> No Pregnancy
Step 6 : ??? ( IVF or IUI )
---------------Health conditions-----------------
Prolactin harmone elevated >> Had MRI and started taking Bromocriptine
Thyroid >>> they found thyroid after first IUI since then started taking Synthroid

My Husband story :

Age 33

--------------------------------Testosterone --------------

Testosterone Total(Adult Male ) 504.38ng/dl Normal Range: 205.00-781.00 ng/dl

--------------------------------Semen Analysis--------------

Below is the Semen Results during 2 IUI

Volume > 1.8 ml

Sperm concentration >> 177.5

Total Sperm count >> 319.5

Progressive Motility >> 37 %

Non-progressive Motility >> 3%

Inmotile >> 60 %

Total Progressive Motile Sperm >> 118.2 x 106

Any suggestions are welcome.



Oh my, that was quite detailed. I’m afraid I don’t have accurate answers for you. We started with IVF yrs ago. Passed 4 rounds with OE and DE. Last unsuccessful one in June resulted in the early mc. Our final shot with donor egg brought success. I’m currently prego with a LO. Waiting for the 7wks scan. So from personal experience, he initial step in the IVF process is to undertake an advanced ultrasound scan. This scan is vital. Dr explained it is a key part in deciding on the treatment protocol. The imaging of the ovaries allows them to assess ovarian reserve by counting the small growing follicles. In addition they measure blood flow in the ovaries which also checks fertility status. Well, I’m not sure IUI is going to be the your another step. You’ve had them just enough. So probably it’s time to opt for IVF. Not insisting though…


Do you suggest any lab works I need check apart from above information before IVF or we need to improve in any other areas ?
We are so concerned because when ever we are visiting doctor she says the health conditions of both are good but we are ending up with no success in every step.