Next Step Again


Good Morning everyone. Well I had surgery to unblock my tubes in Nov. My RE considered it a complete success. I have no endo or anything else. She thinks mine was scar tissue from my c-section in 2007 with my son. I just started taking Clomid yesterday and am Scheduled to go in on 12/09 to check my follicles if all is good I will be recieveing a shot to proceed with IUI insemination on 12/10. I have a question should we abstain from intercourse before to get a better sample? My re didnt tell me anything about that so i was wondering.

Thank you everyone for reading my post…
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Our office would usually say 3-5 days before the actual sperm collection. They often would tell me in the office that day to have intercourse that night and not again, based on follicle size. Good luck