No bloodwork??


Hi, Ladies - I have a question…I have done three cycles of Femara & Follistim followed by IUI. I have had two blood tests in three cycles, one to check for progesterone levels and the other for a E2 level. Has anyone else had this experience? I’m thinking my RE is doing something wrong here. Any input is welcome!


Hey I’m not an expert here but I thought that blood was drawn at the begining and end of every cycle (at least towards the middle/end) to check your estradiol (e2 levels). Once in 3 cycles sounds a little on the low end to me though :frowning:



I am not sure that seems a little off to me as well. I get my blood checked every 2 days while I am on a Femara/Follistim cycle.


Mine is checked at every appt.

With my first IUI they took blood about every 3 days to make sure my E2 was increasing.

Also my insurance covers my bloodwork and U/S. I’m not sure if that makes a difference.


Thanks Ladies! Very helpful!