No Embryos to freeze? BFP?


Ok so I am freaking out!! I just had my ER on Friday and ET on Monday. We had 9 fertilized eggs. RE said everything went “perfect”… he transfered two embryos and said they were excellent. They were supposed to call me yesterday with the number of remaining embryos to freeze and no one called… so I called today and I was told that none survived… what does that mean for the two that were implanted??? Were they not perfect??? Has anyone not had any embryos left to freeze and gotten a BFP???:pray:


I had no embryos freeze when i got pregnant with my daughter!


I’ve never had any to freeze and I’m 26 weeks along. Don’t fret! You have just as much of a chance with or without having any to freeze. Each embryo is different, so I’m sure they transferred the absolute best 2 you had. It’s actually more common not to have any make it to freeze than it is the other way around.

Just try to relax as much as you can. That’s the best thing you can do for those two little ones in there!


I also had 9 fertilize then 2 transferred with none to freeze.I am currently 10 weeks pregnant:) Good Luck:flower:


The majority of people don’t have anything to freeze, and generally clinics are very selective in what they freeze as well. Not having anything to freeze will have absolutely no correlation to the quality of those transferred, especially since your RE said they were excellent.


I was going to say this exactly!

Good luck to you!


I had none to freeze on my last cycle and i am holding my daughter from it now. My previous cycle i had 3 left after transfer and did not get a child from the fresh or frozen cycle. So you never know what is going to work and what is not. Certainly not having any to freeze is not an indicator of the ones in you not working.


I only had 1 fertilized out of 8 egg and she is now 6 months old.


I’m with these other ladies. I had 10 embies, did a 5 day transfer of two, none to freeze on day 6. I have a 10 month old at home from that transfer. Not having any to freeze is no indicator whatsoever of whether you will be pregnant from this cycle.


Thanks everyone!! :thankyou:

I love this forum!! Always makes me feel better… now I have 1 more week to go before testing… UGH!!!