No response to IVF drugs


Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’d like to see if others have had a similar experience and if so, what your outcome has been.

I’m 37, husband is 38. I went to my GYN before our wedding last year to see if all was ok with me (I had just turned 36) because my periods started becoming erratic all of a Sudden. To my surprise, I was told that my FSH and estradiol were high and that I should see a RE. Saddened, I proceeded to make an appointment. After further testing, it was discovered that my AMH was <.01. Not great news. My RE wanted to go guns blazing and go right to IVF.

Started my first cycle in April. Day 3 u/s revealed a small follicle on the right and one on the left. Doc felt that things would progress in the days to come. They never did. My body didn’t respond to the drugs at all. No follicles. I was on the most aggressive protocol they have and my body didn’t respond.

I decided to go elsewhere for a 2nd opinion. Started my 2nd cycle in June and was just cancelled the other day, for the same reason. No response. It’s hard to feel optimistic that I’ll ever conceive naturally. My husband and I have only tried twice on our own because I constantly felt so hopeless after each dr appt.

Has anyone had a similar situation with not being stimulated by aggressive drug treatment?


I did an aggressive micro dose lupron that never worked for me. My RE kept saying it was his most aggressive. I now know that I did not respond to follistim nearly as well as I did to menopur, and since his MDL protocol only used follistim, it was a disaster. Sometimes, you need to try different meds, and different protocols. The magic one for me is in my siggy- femara, follistim, menopur, antagonist.