No sex after IUI?


Hi all,
I had my first (real) IUI 11/27 and the doctor said “No sex until you get your period or call the office if you have a positive on HPT.” What?? Has anyone else had to abstain? Not that I’m so upset about it but I have a needy husband! It complicates our relationship a bit.
I was thinking that this has something to do with increasing our chances of implantation and pregnancy but I don’t think there’s any evidence behind it, just a medical “hunch” or being extra careful.


Never heard that with IUI. Only IVF. Heck i’ve seen 3 RE’s and all 3 have told us to get busy after our IUI’s.


Goodness! He also said no strenuous exercise. Why not just turn into a NUN??


I had 12 or so IUI’s with 3 different doctors and NONE of them said not to BD. I acutally read that having sex can help with implantation so I would go for it. I know after IVF they say not to but not after IUI’s.


[QUOTE=aeason11]Goodness! He also said no strenuous exercise. Why not just turn into a NUN??[/QUOTE]

That is because of your ovaries. But i can honestly tell you after my 1st IUI, we got home i started packing boxes and moving furniture. The 2ww was moving for us. and BAM triplets. Also, the loss was due to natural things not anything i did in the 2ww.


Ours told us TO get busy the night of IUI and for two days after…


My RE says we can if we want to but it’s not a requirement. They’s never said not to though. They also say that i can go about things as normal, no restrictions whatsoever. That’s strange. I wonder if he is concerned about your tubes flipping. I think that is the concern with IVF. Was he ok with doing the IUI with 3 follicles or did he think that was too many?


He’s ok with 1,2, or 3 follicles, no more. Huh, I wish my doctor had said that I can go about my day as normal, it doesn’t look like there is any evidence that having sex or exercise make any difference in pregnancy rates.


I hate to say it but your RE is wrong. Unless you have an reason for the no BDing which you didn’t indicate.
But normally after IUI’s BDing is encouraged as much as possible.
The more BDing the greater the numbers deposited. The greater the numbers the better the chances


I’m having my first IUI on Wed, and they told me that we should go home and do it again that same night. They want us to get as much in there as possible! lol


Are you using donor sperm? If so - your husband’s sperm will compete with the donor sperm.

If not, I would call your RE and ask for an explanation - just let them know the truth, that you feel it’s counter-intuitive. There very well me a good reason that’s not contained in your signature, or that she/he has not explained thoroughly…


I’ve had 8 IUIs and never heard of this, but I’ve never had that many follies either. I think that you should double-check with them about their reasoning because they may well have a reason for this that we aren’t familiar with or they may have been on auto-pilot and said it because they had just been with an IVF patient…this happened to us after my IUI in November. We use donor sperm and she told us to go home and BD that night and I asked her if it really would matter since we use donor and she felt so bad but said sometimes you get so used to saying things to patients you get on auto-pilot. Perhaps that’s what happened with your RE.


Good point – it’s probably best to ask and find out the reason. No, we aren’t using donor sperm so that’s not an issue. I did have 3 follicles and there were multiple smaller ones (around 10mm), I was thinking maybe he’s worried about rupture of the smaller follicles and bleeding. Anyway, when I ask I will follow up and let you know what he said. For now my husband won’t have sex with me “because the doctor said not to.” Thanks doc…


My RE tells me not to BD the day of IUI, but to the day after. My first IUI I spotted for 3 days so BDing was honestly one of the last things on my mind even though we forced it. The other 2 we BD’d as soon as we got home (3+ hour drive to/from the RE), but the 2nd one was also on our wedding anniversary! They never gave me a reason as to why I shouldn’t BD, but I don’t think it could hurt anything.