Norethisterone questions


Since I didn’t ovulate this cycle I’m taking norethisterone 5mg for ten days to induce period. Then I start Femera again…

The weird thing is I’ve been having some ovarian pain…wonder what that is all about?

Since I didn’t have any lining either I wonder what this period is going to be like… From what I read norethisterone is for women with heavy periods which I don’t have. I thought this drug was and odd choice… I should have questioned more but I was just trying to not cry at appointment.

Anyone have any insight? Thanks!


Hey pixel - :grouphug: I have been on the other end of trying not to cry in the office. I can’t give you any words of wisdom because I honestly have not heard of this drug before. When I have had lining issues in the past, my period induction was brought on by the progesterone shot, and I just bled for a day or so. Maybe you should give them a call to put your mind at ease as to what their train of thought is.