Normal Beta?


I posted this on another thread then realized I might’ve should’ve posted it here. I got the results from my 3rd beta yesterday and it was 1263. I will be 5 weeks weds the 18th. I have never had a beta this high and was wondering if this number is normal. The nurse who called said my levels were really good. I was just wondering about others experience and levels. I am having some light brown spotting that when the nurse checked me the other day said looked like it was due to my cervix being irritated.I appreciate any info. I am so worried. I have lost 3 and am so worried about another loss. I just wondered if my levels are normal. Thanks so much.


Not to worry sweetie…your number looks great!! Congrats to you on your :bfp: !! Happy and Healthy 9 months to you!!!


Thank you so much.


I’m with charlie’smom – your numbers look fantastic. Congratulations!