Not blastoycycst on day 5 but checking on day 6 per lab


Hi-I asked our RE’s lab embroylogist today if our 4 remaining embryos made it to 5 day blastocysts today. She replied not but they will check tomorrow. This has me really concerened we wont have any to freeze. She said they either freeze on day 5 or 6 but if none are showing blastocysts today what are the chances they will make it tomorrow?? I am so scared and worried.




Your chances are good. My embryos did not become blastocyst until day 6. Unfortunately for me I did get pregnant but miscarried shortly thereafter. Keep the faith and I will be praying for a :bfp: For you!


I agree - many embryos make blast on day 6.


Yes…I once had an embie that ws not a blast on Day 5 become a blast on Day 6. Good luck.


Ok thanks so much–i had never heard of this where they dont make blastocysts until day 6, i was and am beside myself LOL. Last cycle we had one at that made it on day 5 why I freaked out–thanks for the info!!!


just bumping if anyone else has any positive stories on this



I had 3 frozen day five, and day six I had 5 more that were ready :slight_smile: best of luck!


Thanks so much for the info!


I froze 5 on Day 6. No need to worry :slight_smile:


My daughter is from a day 6 FET and on my twins cycle I have 4 frozen on day 6. I guess my embies always just take a little longer to get there, but i have had great success!! good luck!!


No worries. My snowbaby was frozen on Day 6.


We had 3 embryos at morula stage on day 5 and all three took- we’re expecting triplets.

Our first cycle, we waited until day 6 to transfer a blast (it was only at morula on day 5), and it didn’t take. I am a firm believer in transfer on day 5 no matter what- ours just needed to be back in the natural environment and they were worse quality than the first cycle.

Good luck to you- keep us updated.


Thanks everyone for the responses. Unfortunately, none made it. We are upset about this but hoping the ones we transferred are the ones we needed. Just sucks you go thru all of this and you almost wind up with nothing sometimes. Only explanation embrologist gives is for eggs retreived they only expect 1 of 4 to be useable when they fertilize. As expensive as this is you just expect more I guess. This processs has totally been such a terrbile emotional rollercoaster!