Not doing lupron this cycle... ghost / anyone


So, I have been through 6 total cycles. 4 fresh and 2 frozen. All of them I was on some form of lupron; either micro-dose daily injectables or the one shot before the cycle. For some reason, this FET cycle I am not on lupron at all. I tried to question the nurse about it and all she really said is that they are getting away from using lupron and that I have been over-suppressed in the past, so I should not have any problems. I am really nervous about Oing early and having the cycle cancelled. Any thoughts??? Since we had success on our last cycle, I feel like the protocol should be exactly the same.

Another question… the nurse said that some patients start the lovenox before transfer and some start it after. I think I started it at the very beginning of my cycle last time, and I am nervous about this as well. If you take lovenox during your cycle, when did you start it??? Thanks!


I’ll know my situation for sure on Friday. On my last cycle, I started Lovenox on the day I started injectables. It made sense to me, as unopposed estrogens significantly increase the risk of blood clots (particularly with women with clotting issues).

As for Lupron, I’m not sure. I assume I’ll be placed on it, but I guess we’ll know Friday. We aren’t doing a FET, but are doing a fresh transfer with donor eggs…not sure how that changes things.

Good luck with your FET!!!


Thanks for the input. I really would like to go ahead and be put on the lovenox, I don’t actually have a clotting disorder that we know of, but it was the only unique thing on my cycle that resulted in my little boy.

Good luck to you!!!


Just thought I would bump this up and see if I could get any responses. Thanks in advance!


I don’t have any answers for you, but I know that my RE has been great in the past about allowing me my superstitions - going back on the long Lupron protocol since that gave us our DD, staying on injectible PIO throughout since I changed to Endometrin at 4 weeks with my chemical and had a huge gush of blood and the embryo stopped growing 2 days later. I would think if it’s not something harmful, they should be willing to entertain our IVF/FET craziness… :flower:



Thanks for the reply!! They are pretty good about allowing me to do what I want, within reason. But I did not find out that I was not doing the lupron until right before the break, then they were closed and now I go in tomorrow for baseline. So… basically it is too late to do the lupron at this point. I will ask more questions tomorrow and see what they have to say about it. Hopefully they will be able to ease my mind some. Thanks again.