Not new here, but new to IVF


Hi everyone

You can see in my signature what i’ve been up to before. Basically my husband and I have done donor sperm in the past but after 8 months of medicated DS cycles, we decided to try our first IVF. I am under 35 and my numbers were fine so my doctor assumed i would be pretty successful. I also have a 3 year old daughter from donor sperm and an 18 month son we conceived naturally. To make a long story short, i just had my first egg retrieval yesterday. They got 10 eggs. I think i remember them saying i had 10 or 11 follicles. This is after using 150 gonal in the AM and 200 in the PM. Anyway, of the 10 eggs, they said they were all mature. But only 4 of them fertilized with ICSI. This seems really low for ICSI and now I’m worried. Is it possible my eggs went in the toilet so soon after conceiving my 18 month old son naturally? I know I should be happy that I have 4 embies growing (let’s hope they’re still growing!). But I guess maybe even though Ive been on the infertility roller coaster since 2010 I wasn’t ready for the emotions of IVF. I’m stressed out and just feel negative all of the time. As of right now, we’re planning a 3 day transfer for Friday. I’m just crossing my fingers we have something to transfer by then. I guess I don’t really have a question, I’m just feeling alone and needed to get it all out there. Thanks for listening. (with your eyes :wink: )


There is only one way- stay positive. I wish you all the best and keep my fingers crossed xx


once i come to this and though it might be usefull for somebody who is about to start ivf:


IVF is the simple and advanced procedure which has high success rates… do not think too much and be brave. as you have 10 mature eggs, the possibility could be higher to get success.