Not sure what's next


Let me just say in advance THANK YOU for taking the time to reading this and for any help you are able to give!

My husband and I have been ttc for 3 years now off and on…but mostly on. Let me just add that we are both in our mid to late 20’s. Neither of us has had any major illnesses in the past. I would like to add that age 19, with my ex fiancé, I did unexpectedly become pregnant which later resulted in a miscarriage at 11 weeks and a D&C was preformed.

We just recently got started going through the different tests to find out the reason we have yet to conceive a few months ago. Even though we are just getting started I’m really feeling confused and unsure of what step we should take next.

My husband has been tested and everything came back within normal ranges so therefore we then turned to me.

I’ve had the blood work done to test my hormone levels and everything came back within normal ranges there. I’ve had the ultrasound done to make sure there were no abnormalities and that came back normal as well. I just recently had the hsg test done and found out that my right ovary is completely blocked but my left side is 100% open.

I’ve recently met with my ob and she mentioned that the month I had the blood work completed my progesterone level was low and indicated that I did not ovulate that month. Going by the signs of ovulation that I did have the following month, I am assuming that the blood work could have been completed the month I could have ovulated from my right ovary.

Do to my husbands occupation he is away from home for 30 days and home for 30 days and if my assumptions are correct, that would put him being home the same month I ovulate from the right side (the ovary that is blocked). I know…lovely, right?!
Well anyway, this brings me to where we are as of now…

My ob recommended that we begin to see a fertility specialist who may be able to better help us or she could start me on Clomid and see what happens with that first.

My concerns are… Since I have been pregnant in the past and that I do have signs that I am ovulating along with all the other test coming back normal, would a fertility specialist be able to actually help me other than recommending IVF or something along those lines? We are not opposed to IVF treatments if that is what it takes but we would like to rule out every other option before going down that road.
Also, if anybody with a similar situation could shed some light on this matter I would greatly appreciate it!

Even though we are just getting started what seems like a very long process, I am already very discouraged and emotionally drained from the last 3 years of ttc and never getting :bfp: !!

Thanks again for taking the time to ready my very long post and for any advice you are able to offer…it is truly appreciated!


Hi LookingForHope! :welcome: Its a tough road to go down, but everyone here understands.

You might be a good candidate for an IUI, which will be much less expensive than IVF. But you’ll have to talk to your doctor about that.

Just a couple of things to be aware of though, you will ovulate from your right ovary. The egg just can’t get anywhere. Also, for most women, your ovaries don’t switch off every month. They compete to see which one has a mature enough egg to release first. You could ovulate on one side for 6 months in a row(or more) before ovulating on the other side. The only way to know for sure, is to have an ultrasound. So don’t worry about your DH being gone. Still frustrating though.

Good luck! Hopefully you’ll be :preg: in no time!