Not to have sex after iui?


anyone ever been told not to or that theres no point?


Nope, i’ve seen 3 RE’s and they have ALL said to :dance: after the IUI to get more sperm up there.


Hi there. MY RE said better not to.Which I never understood…


I was told that is perfectly OK to Bd after IUI :slight_smile:


I was told to BD later the night of IUI until I reminded the nurse that we used donor so there was no point to it. The moral of the story is that it’s okay…but I suppose there may be reasons not to in some cases.


I was told not to and I still have yet to ask why. Not that there was no point, but he seemed to mean that it could affect the chances of pregnany in a negative way. Everyone else told me they have never heard of this except for IVF.