Nov 18 Clomid cycle


Hello all,
Just started clomid cycle. Day 3-7 (200 mg a day). PCOS with insulin resistance. 1000 mg of metformin a day. It some how worked last time, so this time we are doing exactly same again. No real issues with weight as such, just insulin resistance leading to pcos.
Baby dust to all !!!


Clomid did a number on me, I hope your body adjusts better to it. Most importantly, BIG WISHES for it to work again!


Hi there…Good on you. I actually had regular periods after taking metformin and running alternate days. I was doing 7-8 km every alternate day. But my heels are weak and get in to trouble easily. Running after the bub and jogging wasn’t helping. I stopped running and I skipped AF by 30 days and then doc had to give provera to induce. So we thought to bite the bullet and get going. Will try to run everyday till O. Usual side effects of clomid. Slight nausea and weird headache.

Btw did you have an easy or tough pregnancy. I had a severe case of hyperemesis throughout. After three emergency trips due to dehydration, I was finally given zofran. Had 4mg-4mg morning and evening throughout pregnancy. Bub was good 3.6 kg though.

Btw, thank you for getting the forums up again. Forum was really supportive last time. Reading everybody’s posts and positive results, gives so much hope.


You’re welcome! I am so glad they are up too. I am so grateful for this site personally, but even more so, glad for everyone else to get on here and get support. It seems everyone knows someone struggling with this baby waiting thing…I want everyone to know they have friends who “get it” here. It can be a lonely road- friends in the same boat, and fertility success stories definitely help keep HOPE going.


Happy to report a bfp in this cycle itself. Never imagined clomid would do a number on me in first attempt itself! I did not even finished the course. I couldn’t take the last dose since I was feeling way too unwell this time. First line popped up 10 dpo and 12 dpo it’s as dark as it can be. Tomorrow blood tests to check the levels etc.

My doctor believes it is the clomid plus metformin combination that has worked for us. I were found to be clomid resistant few years back. Nada at 200 mg, then I was started on metformin and I conceived a month after last time and this time in first go. I also took vitex in both the cycles till ovulation. Didn’t really use ovulation predictor kid, I had severe pain in my ovaries which lasted about 2 hours on each side. I had one follicle each on both the ovaries and similar size 16-17 mm on the day of scan. Probably ovulated at 22-23 mm

Hope every one else who is reading this, their journey is as short as mine.

Baby dust to all!


Clomid has never worked for me (I already took the full amount possible this year). I might have to inquire about your mix of Metaformin and Vitex when I’m able to start it again. Thank you for the info!


Well I have been on metformin since 2012 now. Never missed a dose. 500 mg twice a day. Going to continue it. I am not over weight, not diabetic just weird insulin resistance. The only remedy doc says is if I turn in to a total skinny…with some thing like extreme exercising to regulate the hormones. Doc calls it Estrogen dominance. After baby 2, I would probably go this route. On the other hand with first baby I had excessive Hyperemesis. Really horrible. Vomitted till the day after delivery. This time nothing has started so far…may be its the conditioning of body to metformin. No idea what it is…but so far I just don’t want to eat. Rest all is ok so far. Scan on 5 th Jan ar 7 weeks.


Glad its going well for you and you’re not feeling so sick this time!