Nov/dec cycle buddies


Just wondering if anyone’s cycling November into December? This will be our 2nd try after failed Iui & Ivf. Looking for support, as last round was quite difficult without anyone to chat with. Will be starting today (cd 21) with Lupron (long Lupron cycle). Er/et will be early December IF all goes well. Hoping for a Christmas miracle.


Hi - I’m cycling around the same time as you. There’s a Dec buddy group too…

:cheer: :cheer:


Abby, omg…I love your profile pic…is it a yellow lab? I have a ten year old yellow myself…our little sweetheart! In fact she’s keeping my feet warm right now. Thanks for the advice, I’ll check out the December cycle group. Wasn’t sure since it seemed like I didn’t quite fit into either. Just took my first Lupron shot tonight…no big deal. I hope this cycle works for both of us! Have you started cycling? It seems like this time around is a bit more scary…mostly the thoughts of it not working? I wish I felt more positive.