November 13th ER's


Hello Girls,

I just wanted to share the thoughts with every one who is scheduled for ER on Saturday 11/13/10. Please share your exprience with me.

[SIZE=1]IVF # 1 :pray: for success[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]10/29/10 - First B/U CD3 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]10/30/10 - CD4 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]10/31/10 – 11/01/10 - CD5 & CD6 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu twice a day[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]11/02/10 CD7 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu Just once that day Second B/U - E2 -2203 :grr: More then 20 follicles each overies and 3 >10mm on R and 2>10mm on L[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]11/03/10 - CD8 - Dose droped :pray: to contol E2 Gonal f Injectibles 75iu once a day - Coasting[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]11/04/10 - CD9 - 3rd B/U - More then 40 follicles each overy :woohoo: and ranging from 11 - 13.7 mm 15 follicles in each overy. Still waiting for BW result for the E2-4149. Advised to stop Conal F and start Cetroide .25mg once a day from tomorrow[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]11/05/10 - CD10- started taking Cetrotide .25mg once a day.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]11/06/10 - CD11 - B/U E2 - 4149 :grr: - Coasting continued Through CD13 Morning[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]11/08/10 - CD13 - Gonal F 75iu and Cetrotide .25mg. B/U total Follicles from both overis - Ranging form 13-20 =36 E2 droped very low to 227 :grr: so back to Gonal F 150iu at night.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]11/09/10 - CD14 - Gonal F 225iu in the morning & 150iu at night, Cetrotide .25mg[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]11/10/10 - CD15 - (Today) Gonal F 225iu & Cetrotide .25mg in the Morning. E2 2127 :pray: for remain same for tomorrow. and total Follicles in both overies ranging form 10 - 20 = 36 only 1 = 20 so RE wants to wait for tomorrow for better quality Follicles.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]11/11/10 - CD16 - (Tomorrow) Gonal F 75 iu, Cetrotide .25mg then at 8:00 am B/U(hopefully my E2 will behave and Follicels will gorw little larger). Possibly HCG shot tomorrow.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]CD18 - 11/13/10 possible ER[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]CD21 - 11/16/10 Possible ET[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Will keep you posted with my results[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Helvetica].[/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE]