November 2013 IUI Due Date Buddies


I havent seen a thread created for November IUI buddies so I figured I would start one!

My due date is Nov 4th.

2/25: Beta #1-142
3/1: Beta #2-700
3/5: Beta #3-??

Im still waiting to see that number rise above 1000!!

We are so incredibly excited but super cautious still. Its so hard to hide the pregnancy news when our friends and family know around the time when my first HCG level was to be done. So we told close family and friends the amazing news already:woohoo: .

My stomach is tight, boobs are tender and I gag a lot. I really hope this isnt a sign of whats to come in the next couple weeks with pregnancy sickness!

Looking forward to seeing more ladies join this thread!!:cheer:


I’m due on 11/3/13. My bbs just became sore the other day! So far just some intermittent light cramping. Bloating. Lol. Going for my first prenatal appointment on the 13th. I’m currently at 5 weeks today. Good luck!!


Congratulations!!! I understand the bloated feeling haha. Good luck on your first prenatal appt!



Right now from what I figured from our IUI on 16 Feb, it looks like we’re due 9 Nov. I went in today for my second bloodwork. Our lab sends it off so they said it takes 7 days, then they send the results to my RE. Seems like I’m waiting forever to find out our beta numbers. Once my RE gets those numbers and everything looks good she’ll have us come in for our first ultrasound. In the meantime, I continue to POAS. I have a collection going on our bathroom sink (kind of gross but I love seeing that line get darker—it’s reassuring to me). I’m praying that it sticks and continues to grow into a healthy butterball turkey baby. Praying for you ladies as well! As far as symptoms go, mostly sore boobs, tired a lot, and frequent bathroom trips. No nausea yet.

We were planning on waiting until May for a family trip and we’d be further along, but we were both bursting at the seams. We skyped with family and then made it fb official. We figure if everyone knows then they can be praying for us no matter what happens.


Ourpenniesfromheaven: I would go crazy if it took me that long to get my results back!!! I thought 4 hours was way too long to wait haha. I guess in the meantime your collection of home tests are a very good vaildation that your little bean is sticking:clap: .
We told some family and friends but waiting until Easter Sunday to announce it to the rest of the family and make it official. Its so hard to keep this all in!

I went for my last beta this morning and it came back 2700!!



It is such a long wait to find out what my beta numbers are. I thought it would be best to do them on base (military) because it would save us money and time (Our RE is a two hour drive away). But man it’s a long wait! I should have known better with the military that it would be a hurry up and wait type deal. lol Tests are still BFP and still having symptoms so I’ll just keep praying that everything is a-ok in there. I love that you’re announcing it at Easter! How fun! Your own little jelly bean!

I’ve been pinning on Pinterest like a mad woman. I’ve even got DH pinning baby stuff now. :thankyou: I love that he’s just as excited as I am about it all.


CONGRATS guys!!! Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up. If you go to After Fertility Treatment up in the menu there is a due date buddy thread there. Oct is in full swing but if you start a Nov one people from IVF boards and others can join in. More people more fun!

Congrats again!!


Lisse- thanks so much! More people does = more fun:clap:

Penniesfromheaven- I am so addicted to Pinterest! Ive been pinning like crazy too haha. Just more things to add to the “to do” list.


[quote=gigem0925]Lisse- thanks so much! More people does = more fun:clap:

Penniesfromheaven- I am so addicted to Pinterest! Ive been pinning like crazy too haha. Just more things to add to the “to do” list.[/quote]

Someone started a november due date thread today!


[quote=Lisse]Someone started a november due date thread today![/quote]

Just joined the thread…thanks Lisse


Delayed Periods after failed IUIs


I had two failed IUIs with Gonal-f and trigger in Nov 2012 and Dec 2012. Ever since then, my periods became irregular and had to take progesterone to induce periods in Feb 2013. The following periods is also delayed now by 15 days.

Has anyone of you have the same experience? Does it usually happen to have the menstrual cycle disturbed after the IUI medications?



Greathope - I think you want to post this in another thread, or even create your own new thread, in the IUI forum. Meanwhile - I haven’t experienced that, but then I haven’t had anything stronger than clomid yet (next cycle I will). I HAVE had irregular cycles, but not the kind you’re having - I had really short ones, and they were following a surgery.

Repost this somewhere more people will see? Good luck!