November DE cycle - anyone else?


I didn’t see a November thread, so I decided to start one.

I have transfer tomorrow 11/10. This will be my second FET. In the fresh cycle and in first FET we transfered one day-5 embryo. Both times I got pregnant and miscarried.

At this point I have 3 embryos left and I have to decide whether to transfer one or two. My doc supports either 1 or 2, but has a preference for 2.

If I get pregnant, this will be my 12th pregnancy. Before doing DE, I was pregnant 9 times, had 3 missed miscarriages, one ectopic, 4 natural miscarriages and one wonderful beautiful daughter that’s now already a first-grader and still only child.


Hi Sunshine: My ET was on Sunday Nov 7th. My beta is Nov 19th. I’m totally on edged…2ww is the hardest.

Nice to meet you. And, GL on Nov 11th.


Sunshine: Oops. I meant: GL tomorrow, [B][U]11/10[/U][/B] …gosh, wouldn’t want you to wait one more day for your ET.:bsv:


Hello Sunshine - Good luck with your transfer tomorrow! My nurse called today and Thursday is our retrievel 3 or 5 days later is our transfer. Crossing my fingers on this, it our first with DE.

Bibingka - I will be in the 2ww soon!! Hope your feeling well any symptoms yet?


daffy: Hi! We’ve got a little starter group here. How nice.

Well, I think I have “fantom” symptoms. The kind you may think you’re feeling because you want to be bfp, desperately. Otherwise, no don’t really feel a thing except for some “pulling” down there.

Your ER is tomorrow, 11/11, super YEAH.

GL and KUP.


We transfered one that thawed beautiful. The embryologist said it looks just as good as fresh embryos.

I rested on the table for about 5 or 10 minutes after the procedure - until they told me I should go.

This time I measured how long does it take for my bladder to get full. Yesterday I determined that if I drink lots of fluids then go to the bathroom and stop drinking, my bladder is full in 45 minutes. So I used this information today, and it was great to go thru the procedure without wondering whether my bladder will explode.

[B][COLOR=“Red”]daffy10 [/B]- good luck with retrieval tomorrow! Are you splitting eggs or are you getting them all?

[B][COLOR=“DarkOrange”]Bibingka [/B]- now we’re both in 2ww. The trouble is that will all the progesterone in our bodies, we’re bound to feel symptoms, whether pregnant or not. Are you doing fresh or frozen cycle? How many embryos did you transfer?

Thanks for the well wishes. Good luck to both of you, too.


Sunshine: GL to you and lots of :bsv: . We transferred 2 hatching blasts from a fresh cycle. You got the “bladder” detail down pat. Good for you. I never managed to get the “pee” timing down. Always, have to go so bad before, during and after.

daffy: ER on the way…then you’ll be jumping onto our 2ww train. GL and lots of :pray: sending your way.


Thank you ladies for the well wishes! I am :pray: everything goes well and our eggs get fertilized. We are splitting the eggs so I hope we get enough too!!

Each step of this process is so stressful! :frowning:

But I hope to catch up to you two in the 2ww. How long did you bed rest? How are the progesterone shots going? I start my first one tomorrow night…ouch!
I can’t wait to hear about your beta’s. :cheer:


My RE requires four days bedrest then house rest for another two days. Whether that’s practical is to do with a 6 yo DS running around is another story.

Yes, I’ve started progesterone, first started with prog in oil, now have moved on to prog in oleat. It’s a thinner concoction to inject. But, truth is, my bum is so sore and lumpy. I manage the ouch w/ tylenol.

It’s all for a good cause.

Yes, each step of “fertility road” is painstakingly difficult, too much waiting.


I was instructed to rest for 24 hours - allowed to go to the bathroom only and climb the stairs only once. So my husband was serving me meals in bed and I was able to catch up with Gray’s Anatomy…

Then, my instructions say to “take it easy”, mening, no exercise, no BD, no O (no, this doesn’t stand for ovulation)… for at least a week

My first beta is schedulet for 21st. Which I just realized is a Sunday… Need to check with my nurse.

If it’s positive, I’ll get a shot of something that starts with L - forgot the name, which is supposed to help prevent another miscarriage.


Daffy, don’t worry about splitting eggs. Usually they pick for splitting donors that are expected to produce lots of eggs. My donor produced 28, so we split them 10-9-9.


Hi everbody, My 2ww is finally over. I cried my self to sleep last night because I took a HPT yesterday morning and it was negative. I couldnt believe it. I went in for my Beta this morning and the nurse asked if I took a HPT this morning and I said no because I took one yesterday and it was negative. I didnt want to take one in the morning because I had to go in to work and was in a mtg all day. Anyways she made me take one in her office and it was a :bfp: I couldnt believe it. I am soooo excited. My beta was 70… I am hoping and praying that it doubles when I go back on Thursday


BabyA - I’m so excited for you!!!
:clap: :woohoo: :clap:
:bsv: :cross: :bsv: :cross: :bsv:


So my second beta was today it came back at 119, did not double. My 1st Beta was 70. How concerned should I be, my RE wants to see me again next Tuesday. Anybody have this happen to them and have a viable pregnancy?


[SIZE=2]Hello Ladies sorry I have not been on lately.

Sunshine - How are you feeling any symptoms? Your beta is coming up right?

Bibingka - Your looking great…Nice beta’s!! :cheer: How are you feeling?

BabyA - Wishing you the best!!

I had my transfer on Tuesday we transferred one really good looking embryo. :pray: that it all goes well.

Going crazy with the waiting. My B/T was scheduled on Thanksgiving Day but I asked it I could go in one day early and they said yes. So I go in next Wednesday to find out the results!! I was bloated for a day but now I feel nothing. We have 6 frozen frosties.


BabyA - beta is supposed to double every 2-3 days. If I’m not mistake, your measurements were on 16th and 18th, which is two days. Going from 70 to 119 is equivalent to doubling every 2.6 days, meaning you are in the right range.

Here you can enter exact data including times the blood was drawn:
Beta hCG Doubling Calculator | Countdown to Pregnancy
Doubling time calculator
and it will calculate your doubling time

The BetaBase also lets you enter your beta info and keep track. They have a database of thousands pregnancies


Hi Daffy: Wishing lots of stickies post transfer. Hope your 2ww is filled with lots of things to keep you joyful.

I’m feeling okay, prego-wise. Got over the monster headaches that I thought were from stress and the PIO. But, got my annual flu/cold and am on the downside of it now. Got the “tickle-cough” that won’t go away.

Glad you’re beta is before turkey day.


New to the thread

Hello Ladies,

I am new to the thread and wanted to ask a few questions about donor eggs. How long does it take for them to find a donor and how did you come up with the money to pay for DE IVF. I was thinking savings and credit cards…I hate to create another bill. :frowning:



YAY!!! We had our U/S today and saw the gestational sac and the little egg yolk…We are so excited that we are still in the game. :cheer: :cheer: My RE said the sac is a little small and measuring 5 weeks and i am currently 5weeks 5days, but she said dont worry they can catch up. Next week is another huge milestone, we should hear the heartbeat…My fingers are crossed
Sticky Dust to you all and good luck on those Betas coming up…


Our office says it can take up to 6mo. to find the correct donor. My RE like to match hair, height, eye color and blood type. It only took us 2months for our match. We paid 16,000 for the procedure alone and luckily we just took it out of savings so we didnt have to do any loans. Good luck to you!

[quote=Martisc]Hello Ladies,

I am new to the thread and wanted to ask a few questions about donor eggs. How long does it take for them to find a donor and how did you come up with the money to pay for DE IVF. I was thinking savings and credit cards…I hate to create another bill. :frowning: