November DE cycle - anyone else?



BabyA - How exciting :clap: so happy for you!!

I have my first U/S Dec 9th so nervous.

[SIZE=2]Congrats on being 5 weeks!! Are you feeling any symptoms?

Hope everyone else is doing great…Happy Monday!!

[/SIZE][quote=BabyA]YAY!!! We had our U/S today and saw the gestational sac and the little egg yolk…We are so excited that we are still in the game. :cheer: :cheer: My RE said the sac is a little small and measuring 5 weeks and i am currently 5weeks 5days, but she said dont worry they can catch up. Next week is another huge milestone, we should hear the heartbeat…My fingers are crossed
Sticky Dust to you all and good luck on those Betas coming up…[/quote]


With Shady Grove (DC/Maryland/Virginia) you get to pick your donor from a database. You make your own decision, what (if anything) you want to match.

If you take all the eggs, you can just pick a donor, and get going.

If you split eggs 2-way or 3-way, then you might need to wait for another recipient or two to join. This can take long time, or it can happen right away.

First time I was the first to pick my donor, second recepient joined in a few days, and third one a week later.

Second time, someone requested same donor as me almost at the same time, and the third recepient joined the next day.

[B]AFM[/B] – nothing. BFN. Scheduled another frozen transfer for 1/17.