November/December 2013: Over 35 Due Date Buddies


Anyone interested in starting an “Over 35” due date list for November/December 2013/January 2014?

I just got my second Beta (18dp3dt) and it was 2,821. My EDD is sometime around Dec 4. See sig for my sordid tale. :slight_smile:


I think I’ll re-create this for November through January… since nobody’s been posting yet. I just figured that older folks might have more issues in common. But maybe I’m wrong there. :slight_smile:


Hi Cannady! I’m 37 1/2 and I just found out today I’m having twins! I’m excited and nervous. I’m due in November. Thanks for starting this forum!


Cool! I wasn’t sure if November and December would have enough people, so feel free to join the December through February thread. I’d hate to re-name it AGAIN. :slight_smile: lol


Hi! I’m almost 37 1/2 and tomorrow I am 6 weeks pregnant - signature has all my info :slight_smile: