November IUI


Well ladies we are onto November! I am having my IUI on Monday, fingers crossed. We did a mix of pils and injections this cycle and it looks like I will have 3 good sized follies by Monday:) Now we just need to get them to release viable eggs and fertlize, then implant, two would be nice, carry to term, everyone healthy and BAM instant family. Oh Sorry I was day dreaming again … Here is to some BFPs in November and a happy thanksgiving for us all. I am pulling for us all with everything I have, October was kinda a down month for a lot of us so let’s turn it around:) Good Luck!


Hi Lavender, I go for my 12 day u/s on Monday. I am on a round of letrozole this time in hopes that my lining will be thicker. Hopefully I will get some good sized follicles like last month. Good luck with your iui on Monday. Hopefully these will be our last. Hoping for BFP’s for all of us!


Good luck monday with your scan Jennbg. Changing to letrozole from clomid helped me so much with my lining so hope it helps out keep us posted!


I will be joining you ladies. AF came today so I’ll be starting 150 Clomid this cycle. I’m hoping things go better this time around. Good luck to everyone!


Hi ladies - I’ve been following your board for a few months. Decided it was probably time to say hello. I had my 3rd iui with clomid and bravelle on the 1st. Two days later my ovaries are still sore … This has been the first time the discomfort has lasted this long. Has anyone else been this sore after?


Kbarn good luck this month! 150 of clomid is a lot hope it goes smoothly and with little side effects :). …Mina welcome! It looks like your numbers are AMAZING! I have never had lasting pain for long after my IUI but this time the last two days my overies have been killing me. I can’t even sit long I need to be stretched out by laying down or standing up. I have my IUI #7 tomorrow morning with 3 follies. The only different thing this time is I am still bleeding, not a lot but enough for a panti liner. Anyone have this happen and if so what did your doc tell you. No one seams to be concerned but I am going on 16days of some type of bleeding. :frowning:


Good luck this month ladies. I am praying for all of us. I am going for IUI #2 the end of this week. NLavender27 the only time I had prolonged bleeding was due to a fibroid. My bleeding stopped on its own with my next AF. It was really weird. Mina81 I was a little sore for maybe 4 or 5 days after my first IUI. Hoping November 2013 will be a month of miracles for all of us.


NLavender27 - Good Luck with your IUI today. 3 follies is awesome! I hope this month is it for all of us!


Thanks Mina we had good numbers and I have never been in this much pain after before. I am hoping that is a good sign:) …Jennbg - how was your scan?


Hi Lavender, well the scan did not go so good. Had just one Follie at 17.75 and my lining was 5.43mm. This was on my first cycle of Letrozole. So, we are skipping this month and next month my Dr told me that she would like me to go back to Clomid and and Gonal-F. She said the Clomid would give me the good follicles and the gonal-f would thicken my lining. It sounds like you have a great chance this month…3 follies, that’s great!! I feel for you going through the pain of the iui. I have always had tons of pain as well. In fact I asked my dr today about giving me something before the iui that might help with the pain and she did say she could give me something that they give to women that are in labor but also to women who have a lot of cramping with iui’s. I wish I could remember the name of it but I just cant think of it. I hope you get some good news in a couple of weeks. Keep us posted on how your 2WW is going. Best of luck!!


Joining you November ladies, iui #3 and hoping third times a charm :slight_smile: AF just started Sunday so I am early on. Starting femara in the next couple days. Just wanted to say hi, I’m here, following your posts and hoping we all get something to be thankful for this cycle :slight_smile:


TTC3 - sorry to see you are joining us this month:( I was pulling for you last cycle. Good luck this cycle!..Jennbg - so sorry your scan went so poorly:( We did letrozole and follistim this round in hopes that I get healthy eggs and a lot of them. We had 4 follies last cycle with just follistim last cycle but my progesterone came back at a five. So here’s to hoping a mix works out best for both of us. You should do well it looks like you respond very well to clomid and then the boost to your lining should be the winning combo. Take the next two weeks to relax and come back refreshed for the next cycle:) will you guys be trying on your own at home anyways?


Jennbg - Im so sorry to hear that the letrozole didn’t work. What a bummer. This cycle I was on clomid 100 and Bravelle my lining was 6.5 two days before I triggered. The Dr wasn’t concerned but its still stressful. A few cycles ago my Dr put me on Baby Aspirin to help my lining - though the cycle didn’t end up working - I think it work bc my period was super heavy that cycle (sorry TMI). I hope the Clomid and Gonal F is the perfect mix for you - a Christmas BFP will be awesome!!! TTC3 - Third time IS a charm! Good luck to you and to all of us!


Mina81 - Sounds like you had a great cycle this time, 3 very big follies is wonderful. My Doctor said the same thing that your Doctor did, she seemed to think that lining is not as important as people think it is. Granted she would like to see 7mm and above she said I could have gone forward this cycle but I opted out. Maybe I will ask her about the Bravelle as well. It sounds like it has worked very well for you. I hope you get your BFP this time!! Lavender - We will definitely try on our own this month but honestly I’m just relaxing and not stressing at all about it. I actually fell less stressed not doing the iui because it causes so much pain the day of and then the 2ww causes even more stress. So in the meantime I will keep reading the forum and praying for a BFP for all of us very soon. If the Follistim works for you, maybe I will ask my Dr about that one as well. Just trying to fond the right combination I guess. She said I could do all injections but it would cost $1500…ouch!! We will go that route is the clomid/injection combo does not work. Hopefully it will.


Hi Ladies. I would like to join you for November! This will be my third IUI but switching to Letrozole CD 5-9. Hoping this will do the trick. I have my scan on Monday to see if I have any follies. Lavender- 3 follies is great! I hope your IUI went good and it was successful. Keep us updated on how your feeling, I love to see all the symptoms people have (I apparently imagine I have them all). Jenbg- I’m sorry your round got cancelled. I as well went from Clomid to Letrozole this round and hope I don’t see the same effects. I am worried about it. Enjoy your time off of no stress. TTC+3- this I my third round as well. I am also doing Letrozol/Femara. What CDs are you taking it? Hi everyone else! Lots of praying for us this round!


Lucky one- I am taking it cd 4-9, starts tmw. They doubled my dose of femara which is strange. I had 2 good follies my last two cycles and good lining. Maybe they r hoping to see more follies…? I really think it’s my hubby’s sperm count that’s the big problem, especially after seeing some of the sperm counts u guys are getting post wash. Staying positive and ready for a new cycle. Held a sweet 2 month baby girl yesterday and remembered why we are going through all of this… It will be worth it.


Hi everyone! I wanted to ask a few questions and give you a little information about my situation since I’m new to all of this. I’m on cd 5 of my second IUI cycle taking 150mg of Clomid. Last cycle I didn’t get my positive OPK until cd18. What is the earliest day that someone has gotten their positive OPK? Last cycle I was on 100mg of Clomid, so I’m curious if I will ovulate earlier. My husband travels for his job so we had to freeze some of his sperm since he may not be here when I ovulate. I have a feeling we are going to have to use the frozen sperm this cycle, which worries me a little. Has anyone had any experience with this? Last cycle we used frozen for the first day and for the second day he was home and we were able to use fresh. There were 37 million so I thought that was good, but still no BFP 😕.


Kbarn - With all 4 of my IUI’s I have used Ovidrel (HCG Shot) so I have always taken it a few days earlier (Day 11 or 12) than my normal +OPK dates (D14 and D15). The Ovidrel forces the last bit of follicle maturity and then ovulation at 36 to 40 hours after. My IUIs are scheduled at 40 hrs after I take the shot. Since your hubby travels it may help with timing and maybe he can plan to be present for the IUI day. The medicine is not too expensive ($75) not cheap either but do-able. TTC+3 - You had a great response to the Letrozole - so maybe a bit more will be even better for you! Plus I hear that Letrozole doest mess with your lining like Clomid. The Dr recommended my husband go on a daily multivitamin, as well as L-Carnitine and L- arginine, he also went on a health kick and lost 35 pounds and his count doubled. Maybe ask your Drs about it. OK Ladies _ I have a stupid question… Next week I’ll be going to Vegas for a conference. My coworkers want to go out some of the nights. The only dress I have to go out is snug with all the bloating and extra lbs ive put on with TTC. And with all the money we have been spending on these IUIs (My Companies Insurances doesn’t cover treatments… which is mandatory coverage in TX … sorry rant) so im not about to spend $ on a new dress/outfit. Do you think its OK to wear spanks? Oh God help me _ Im getting way to old to be going out in Vegas.


Luckyone - welcome! I hope you have a few good follies on Monday:) …TTC3 - wow I wonder why they uped your meds. You responded so well and I was always told that upping the oral meds does not cause you to have more follies if you are already responding to a lower dose and that the goal is to take as little as possible. Now injections are a different story. Did you ask your RE why they uped it? They could have prescribed the wrong amount I would ask just in case. One cycle I was given a med from my pharmacy that I had never taken so I called my RE and when they sent it in they were looking at the wrong chart. I could be totally wrong so sorry if I am just stressing you out:( My husband also had a low count and after changing some things does not have a problem now. he just started taking a few vitamins (you should have your RE recommend some) and a few other changes (no hot tub, boxers, looser fitting jeans, and less beer) they say that the extra heat can make all the difference in the world so any changes to help it all breath:) Good luck! …KBARN - here is what I have been told by my current RE. Doing IUIs with out monetering or the very least a “trigger” shot gives you just as good a chance as trying on your own. You should ask you RE about a trigger it takes all the guessing out of when you are ovulating. And you can plan much farther ahead. The OPKs are only about 80% accurate and give you such a big window as to when you should be doing your IUI that you have a smaller chance of getting the timing right. Also if you are using frozen you window is smaller. Hope this cycle works and you don’t have to worry about it:) …MINA - Spanks away:) there should be no problem using them. The only thing you have to worry about during your cycle is too much heat around your overies so I would stay away from thoes inviting hot tubs:) Enjoy your self and have fun, I am jealous I have not been in 6 years. …WOW sorry for the long post sometimes I get to typing and just babble but hope some of it helps out:) I am still bleeding and counting myself out for this cycle. If it works out I would be so amazed but we are looking into our IVF options / one more IUI if it does not. Either way we will take the holidays of and enjoy ourselfs if there is no good news. Good luck to all of you!


Hi ladies! I just wanted to pop in and say I’m pulling for you all this month! NLavendar and TTC+3 i’m glad to see you are in this cycle! NLavendar sounds like you had a great cycle! We are skipping this month and are undecided about next month. I’m a little nervous about taking two cycles off in a row. I feel like taking two off in a row will put us back at step one. I don’t know if it makes a huge difference or not, anyone have any input??