November Natural FET first timer


Hello Out there, this is my first time on a forum…I am really nervous about the thaw. I have 3 frosties:thankyou: which were frosted on day 6…anyone else have a day 6 frosty. Currently:af: is here day 3 of cycle. 1st ultrasound scheduled for Nov 9th on day 14 of cycle.

I start the ovulation pee sticks on Nov 5th day 10 of cycle. My cycle is typically 30-33 days. Last month I ovualted on day 15…I guess not sure the months before that.

I had really strong side effects of the prometrium…has anyone heard of someone not taking prometrium at all? :grr:

There are many of us on Nov FET…looking for others who are going through the same things this month. :cross: :cross: :cross: :cross:


Hello Minamimbs, :welcome: We have a November FET where alot of ladies are posting. Come join us.

I have 6 embies, all 5 day grade BB, transferring this Wednesday 11/10. Do you have a transfer date yet? I am not taking prometrium but likely there is someone on the November FET board that is. I would try posting there. Yeah for your US tomorrow. :cross: Hope you have a nice fluffy lining and all is excellent! Take care and good luck :slight_smile: