Now on cycle day 22 and 11 days post IUI


I am now on cycle day 22 and 11 days post IUI. When can I take a HPT? I am suppose to call my RE on Jan. 7th if AF has not come and they will do a blood test. I am having a hard time waiting (of course), but don’t want to test too early and get a BFN and upset myself even more. I was thinking of testing on Thursday, which would be 14 dpo. ??

:cross: :pray:


I was instructed to test 14 days past trigger (12dpiui). So test tomorrow!


Hmmm… that is tempting!! Unfortunatley, I have been having the undeniable lower back pain, achey, crampy feelings I get right before AF shows all day today. :frowning: As is usually goes, I take a HPT and the very next day AF shows! :grr:

Nervous at this point. If I test tomorrow morning and get a BFN, guess I can just get my disappointment out of the way.

Very difficult to stay positive at this point…but I will keep trying :frowning:


I hate, hate seeing the BFN, so I try to wait as long as possible. 14dpo is perfect, for me. Sometimes I cave and do it on 12dpo. Even then, though, I try to convince myself that it is a false result. If I can wait until 14dpo, I can test once and be done! In a weird way, it makes for less disappointment!

Best of luck!


I got my first :bfp: at 8dpiui and that was on the frer test i hope you all get your :bfp:


I wait until 15dpiui. I, too, cannot bear a negative that I’m am thinking could change to a positive so I wait until I am sure. My last cycle, which was positive, only registered an 18 beta on day 15, and my second line was VERY faint. Had I tested sooner, it probably wouldn’t have shown.

The wait is killer though!