Now surrogacy only :-(


[QUOTE=“Gwineth, post: 1870602, member: 87471”]For now, I live in the US and even though I travel a lot of medications are always really expensive and you cannot really find anything that cheap or even the process of buying the meds can take you longer than a week or even a month. I thought at first that it was only my issue but turns out there are many women who are in the same boat with me.
To be quite honest, it is a business. everyone needs to eat something, don’t you agree? but the difference lies in the way they manage the clinics, by them I mean those people who open clinics or centers and try to gain some money. preferably big money. so it is vital to look deeper and judge by the details.
I think that Alexander is a very cute name! I was thinking about it earlier on, Alex… sounds great! xxx
PS How are you???[/QUOTE]

oh I see. I didn’t think that there are difficulties with buying meds. thought you just come to a chemist and that’s it.
can’t stop being astonished at all things we have to go through. seems like everyone wants to make it tough.
however, I agree that it’s a business but we need care so right you are - details make difference.
Alex sounds sweet although it’s widely spread.

I’m alright, booked flight to Kiew for Monday. So soon ans so exciting…HOw are you?


I am also doing great! Reading, breathing fresh air, talking to people :slight_smile:
I think of maybe creating my own blog and writing down my every day routines and other things? what do you think?:slight_smile:
oh well, the only thing I do not care about is whether the name is known or not, I like it and that’s what matters the most.
well, yeah, it is not only expensive but time-consuming.


[QUOTE=“Gwineth, post: 1870625, member: 87471”]That’s why I was really happy to be accepted for ivf treatment. Even if it was egg donation! I was not lucky enough to have the chance to get pregnant and carry my own child all over again. It is an incredible feeling and I am upset for those who cannot experience this.

When we only began looking for ivf options I was really devastated but then again I thought that ivf is over for me and that I am acting crazy but I was accepted by my clinic and I totally appreciate their decision to take me in their program. However, they are situated in Ukraine and it is insane travelling back and forth but the moment you get your bfp you’re done and can enjoy your life (I saw their statistics on the web-site, it is amazing how many couples fly over there). I am only talking about this because surrogacy seems so far away from me and judging about it from my point of view it seems too strict and does not give a lot of space to move. But of course I agree that first trimester of pregnancy is full of risks and you should be careful

That’s why my clinic supplied me with vitamins and did give me another set of meds so my body is not stressed after I suddenly stop stimulating. It is important to have a lot of time off and not to be stressed however it is very subjective, a lot of women are lucky to have beautiful and healthy kids even if they drink a lot of coffee and smoke which should be banned and punished, this behavior when you’re pregnant.[/QUOTE]
you are totally right, a reproductive medicine is a hard issue to accept in any case. no one wants to be in our shoes and it’s obvious. I see a lot of women struggling with infertility and they have no chances to deal with it. Sometimes I think it’s unfair, other who lead unhealthy lifestyle have children, how it could be. What is God’s purpose there, why he punishes those who are dreaming of babies all adult lives. it’s horrible, but I’m thankful for docs who help us.
at first I thought I would never overcome a feeling my baby will live under other woman’s hear, but I was wrong. When you have a strong desire the rest means nothing to you.
yes, my clinic controls all surrogates, they are checking every month, they eat healthy food, sleep well and have a lot of free time. I believe my babies are spending a great time with the surrogate. of course it quite different from egg donation and harder at the same time, it takes a lot of nerves and time but it worth everything


but I think that everyone has chances to deal with infertility as you have said. I think that there is an option for everyone. Like ivf, egg donation, surrogacy or adoption. Or if you are not a fan of any of the above you can just help kids by donating money, clothes, toys, books. there are plenty of ways to interact with kids and to have kids that we can consider. so it is not that they cannot do anything with infertility, they can and the majority is working on their lives. You know, I had secondary infertility and it did break my heart when I found out that I can no longer have kids but I do not want to blame anyone else and get jealous over the fact that there are people who have kids born without any struggles. I think that the sole fact that they give birth to children is amazing and kids deserve to get to know this world!
you are so cute talking about your kids! i can feel your mother vibes and it is amazing! wait, is it all like in the video about surrogates I have seen on their youtube channel? I thought they were exaggerating lol


definitely, you are right, everyone deserves to be happy, everyone has chances to deal with infertility, Of course each person has her own way. Someone want to adopt a child and other one to undergo fertility treatment. Frankly, I didn’t want to be like this, I didn’t want to use a surrogate, sorry about this word, I know she wanted to help us and I appreciate her desire but I’m not a big fun of it.
I’m so sorry you have faced, how are you ? How’s your journey is moving on?
I do believe the surrogate spend time like on biotex channel, I didn’t see the surrogate personally because we just got to know that we will be parents of 2 kids and this is amazing. In some time we would see our surrogate, as we were told we will be able to do this after it reaches 12 weeks(I mean pregnancy period)
We are waiting for the next scan as well, we want to be sure our babies don’t have any chromosomal abnormalities.


I have been thinking about it for some time, I find it quite overwhelming that you get to receive all kind of updates from your managers (I imagine that surrogacy requires even more emailing time than egg donation, especially after surrogate mother gets pregnant), my manager was not staying silent for longer than 2 days and it was quite impressive. However, I think that they have slightly adjusted that video with the surrogates having fun at the swimming pool. I cannot quite imagine it at all. :slight_smile:
Good luck! <3


[QUOTE=“Gwineth, post: 1870689, member: 87471”]I have been thinking about it for some time, I find it quite overwhelming that you get to receive all kind of updates from your managers (I imagine that surrogacy requires even more emailing time than egg donation, especially after surrogate mother gets pregnant), my manager was not staying silent for longer than 2 days and it was quite impressive. However, I think that they have slightly adjusted that video with the surrogates having fun at the swimming pool. I cannot quite imagine it at all. :slight_smile:
Good luck! <3[/QUOTE]
Thanks dear, your support is amazing, I really appreciate this.
Yes, you are right, a surrogacy involves a lot of communication between parents and manager, I ask a lot of stupid questions concerning this issue, I ask my manager to keep me always updated and she does a great work. I’m grateful to her as I think no one else would do it for me. All the time I ask her to consult the doctor, to send me everything, we have got our first scan and I had already a lot of questions. Thanks God. she is patient and help me with my curiosity.
p.s. I suppose they spend time like on video, why not?


communication is very important not to say vital when it comes to surrogacy, you obviously are going to worry and get nervous so it is necessary to receive just bits of updates when possible. so managers should always be trained to be good at it.
I have recently heard about a conference on the management part of surrogacy process, it sounds great in my opinion. Should’ve been more coverage of such themes because people, clients, and professionals, should understand the other part of the process and act accordingly.


[QUOTE=“Gwineth, post: 1870696, member: 87471”]communication is very important not to say vital when it comes to surrogacy, you obviously are going to worry and get nervous so it is necessary to receive just bits of updates when possible. so managers should always be trained to be good at it.
I have recently heard about a conference on the management part of surrogacy process, it sounds great in my opinion. Should’ve been more coverage of such themes because people, clients, and professionals, should understand the other part of the process and act accordingly.[/QUOTE]
you are totally right, a communication is really important.
I’m so nervous and my manager supports me as she can. She is so nice, and polite, gives the replies as soon as she can, I know she is busy with other couples and I try to respect that. She is doing her best.
oh, wow! A conference about surrogacy? That’s might be great? Where? I believe all infertile couples should be a part of it. I wish I could visit one too.
p.s. I would be so grateful is you tell me a bit about that? How can I find an information about conference?


You should first calm down. I understand the pain that you are going through. But you have to remain strong. Crying everyday will not help. Take time to meditate. Let the pain pof losing the child fade. Then thereafter you can focus on having a another child. In life we have to move on. It is also good that you want to move on to surrogacy. I can say it is one of the best solution. It is actually the last resort to many couples. When every other procedure has failed. This is because surrogacy has a high rate if success. You can now focus on positivity. I know of Bio tex clinic that is so good with surrogacy procedures. You can get more information here


Here one should understand the core of the clinic’s guarantee. This is not the case they guarantee you’ll get prego from the 1st attempt. Or that your surrogate will give a birth to your kid this very year. Or that your baby will be absolutely healthy or sth of this kind. It says along with guaranteed package you get unlimited number of attempts (Whether you are using own eggs or donor eggs for the procedure). In case you fail to get prego after 5 shots in a row; your body gets exhausted after meds taken or you don’t want to continue treatments --bio tex com refunds all money paid back! Which is abslutely a nice back plan to have in case of failure. But as far as I know, there hasn’t been a single episode when a couple came back home from bio tex com without their baby!! This is incredible! It means they have those guaranteed packages for people to feel even more safer with the process. This repro center does care about its IP success and does all things possible for it. Besides their live birth rates are high which is vital for the whole process!


Here are some common mistakes couples make whilst their surrogacy programs. Anastasia, the head of the English department is talking about the following in one of her videos. Sharing it here~
IP should read attached documents and follow the recommendations there. IP should provide full information, especially when talking about assessment of possibility of stimulation. Check visa arrangements between the countries. IP should confirm the dates of initial consultation before booking of tickets. In case of ovarian stimulation IP shouldn’t ignore clinic’s requirement to obtain authorization for hormonal stimulation, especially if there were oncological diseases or heart/kidney/blood conditions. IP happen to arrange the things to be finished exactly by the day of delivery indicated in the ultrasound check, without supposition that it might be premature delivery, or normal delivery but on the 36th or 38th week. IP should not ignore the recommendations to visit special classes for new parents while they’re still at home and when IP come they get scared of their babies. IP shouldn’t ignore the final checklist of the coordinators. (With exact and very clear recommendations what documents have to be prepared from IP side for the exit process.) IP should use the benefits of bio tex com emergency 24/7 helpline and not become frustrated of coordinators not answering you in the middle of the night. IP should provide exact instructions to housekeeping staff and babysitter. Follow doctor’s protocol and start self-treatment. Inform the clinic about changing of the plans and/or time limits. IP expect that the date of the second visit will be calculated during the initial consultation. IP expect us to do miracles and achieve pregnancy from 1 shipped embryo of poor quality. IP want to pay and book egg donor earlier than you come for the initial consultatio. Incorrect understanding of such concept as waiting time – not from when IP signed, but from when IP paid. IP happen to get scared after program coordinator invites them to the procedure and say they have the sperm frozen in the clinic. Public maternity house doesn’t mean that it is going to be a bad maternity house. And finally, minding the time difference.~
The clinic’s open about all the possible problems which might occur. They take time to explain things well which is very useful for successful cooperation.


So I’ve got a couple of things to share about surrogacy.
Ukrainian law on surrogacy and assisted reproduction techniques establishes that, at least, the intended father delivers half the genetic material. But the other half- the egg can be delivered by an egg donor. Nevertheless, when an egg donor is used, she remains anonymous. Well, the truth is, the general profile of surrogate women corresponds to caring, responsible, family-oriented, generous women. All in all, they do this because they wish to give others the gift of family. Besides, they are conscientious women who truly wish to participate in the process of surrogacy. Be it as it may, you should keep in mind the surrogate’s general state of health, pregnancy history and lifestyle above all.
Apart from that, common aspects that every intended parents should take into account when choosing their gestational carrier are: Diet. How willing the prospective surrogate is to follow certain guidelines as to what she should eat and what not is a crucial aspect. Remember that the diet a woman follows during pregnancy may have an impact on the unborn child’s health. Interaction. While some intended parents have a preference for being fully involved in their surrogate’s life during and after pregnancy via phone calls, Skype, appointments, etc., others do not feel this need to stay in contact that much with their surrogate. Invasive procedures. Is your surrogate comfortable with surgery and other invasive procedures that may become necessary throughout the pregnancy, such as amniocentesis? Pregnancy termination or reduction. Multifetal pregnancy reduction (MFPR) is a procedure used to reduce the number of fetuses in cases of multiple births. On the other hand, pregnancy termination or embryonic arrest is another aspect to keep in mind before signing the contract. Do you and the surrogate agree on what to do if any of these issues arose? If she is single. In case your surrogate is not married, another aspect to take into consideration is whether she is planning to date someone while she is carrying your baby. Husband’s or partner’s opinion. Conversely to the previous aspect, in case the surrogate is married or in a relationship, the opinion of her partner must be fully taken into account in order to prevent the occurrence of any problem related to paternity rights, for instance. Responsiveness. During the entire process, surrogates are sent various requests from the agency/clinic. In this sense, my advice is that you look for a responsible woman; otherwise, she may not be committed to follow the schedule. Support system. I mean whether she can count on the support of her close relatives, husband/partner, friends, etc. It is essential to evaluate what will be the support system the surrogate will have during the surrogacy process - is she going to be supported by a partner, a parent, a roommate…? Of course, intended parents may look for different characteristics in a surrogate, according to your special requirements, situation, geographic location, etc. You can always share your ideas and/or concerns with your agency or clinic in order to select that surrogate that best fits your needs. Biotex com clinic we’ve been with covers all those concerns though. Hope this helps, stay well, ladies.


Those are awesome pieces of advice!! I’m quite an overthinker as it is and I’m a little but of a control freak so I’m completely out of my depth right now with the fact that everything is so uncertain it’s something you just can’t prepare for (mentally) I just thought before I started it would be a breeze… how wrong was I!! I’m trying to remain positive but don t want to be over confident as the results may not be what I wanted. It’s tough xx


We’ve been doing with Biotex, Ukraine. If you choose this country for your surrogacy destination like we did, be ready that they don’t allow to choose surrogate there. You can meet her only after the 12th weeks of pregnancy. Since it’s gestational surrogacy, surrogate mother won’t have any genetic relation to the baby. She has to be healthy and be compatible to your blood type. Also, you won’t be able to keep in touch with your surrogate directly. Only with the help of manager who is in the meantime your translator. All surrogates are Ukrainian nationals. Age between 18 and 39. All have at least one healthy child of their own. At Biotexcom they ensured us that they have very strict restrictions as to surrogate’s health. They also go through psychological checks ups. Of course, I’m interested to know who she is and how she looks like. But maybe they are right that this is not the most essential thing about our surrogacy process. If you will be opting donor eggs surrogacy, here the situation is absolutely different! You may choose your donor. Surely, you choose who your baby will take after!! Still I haven’t learn the process of choosing a donor very thoroughly because we’re opting on our own first. They gave us two shots. If they won’t work, they will have to move to donor eggs. Wish me luck:pray:


That’s super nice Biotex allows its patients to choose the donor. Surely, dr is the last one to make the final decision. But mostly the IP’s wish coincides with the dr’s one. On the whole this is a great place to be with. The staff is awesome. Kind smiling people make you feel a bit more comforted when getting the core of the treatment plans. Special thanks to our donor 345.


Wishing you the best of luck with your coming ivf shot!! I love the way the clinic screens its potential donors. The info is detailed. The profiles contain literally ALL info on the donor’s personality, health and phsycological status. all the ladies are young and attractive. It’s definitely not easy to make the choice at once! keeping you in my thoughts.


If it’s surrogacy path for you - then do go down the route! IP are often able to be involved in their surrogate’s pregnancy. They attend key appointments. They are present for important milestones, including the embryo transfer and birth. Surrogates have a proven track record of carrying healthy pregnancies, which often makes surrogacy more likely to be successful than fertility treatments for intended parents. Thus surrogacy can be complicated. Gestational surrogacy involves complex medical procedures, and surrogacy laws. Legal processes can be overwhelming at times. It is important to work closely with a trusted professional to ensure the process is completed safely and legally. Surrogacy costs can be significant. Because of the number of people and services required to complete a successful surrogacy, surrogacy can be expensive, unless undergone abroad, in Ukraine for example, they have pretty attractive costs. Besides, it’s a surrogacy friendly destination. You can settle your mind at piece - you’ll get your baby at the end. BioTexCom clinic has been conducting some great surrogacy plans for years. The clinic has high live birth rates. Know this from my own experience :hugs:


I know couples who’ve been successfully through surrogacy in Ukraine. We passed DE IVF treatments there,.but where seriously counting on surrogacy as the last resort in case IVF fails. So asked the people why they choose Ukraine for surrogacy. The answers were the same - affordable prices and the popularity of the procedure. Many women participate in surrogacy nowadays there. They all have different reasons, but I really don’t care much why they do it…The fact is that the law of the country is surrogacy friendly. IP are considered to be the only legal parents of the baby conceived. The surrogate has no right to keep the baby after she delivers him/her. I agree with you, @millie1. This is quite a popular surrogacy destination. Moreover, there’s variety of surrogacy programs. Set of services and costs vary. But I’m sure everyone can find what suits his pocket the best. and are exclusive links for detailed information.


Thanks for your answer. I should say that the surrogacy program at BioTex covers all the bases and works in the clients’ favor. Unlike other European clinics, the surrogacy program cost there is significantly lower and service is better than in the high-level medical centers. Depending on diagnosis, doctor can recommend surrogacy program with donor or own eggs. Patients pay for the program on a phased basis: Signing the contract. Before the pickup / puncture procedure. When surrogate mother reaches 12th week of pregnancy. As act of delivery starts. During the final stage of the program, when biological parents receive all necessary documents and leave the clinic with the newborn. Signing the contract, clients receive a complete package of services. In particular, BioTex drivers meet patients at the airport and provide them with a transfer from/to the clinic, hotel, embassy, etc. Clients live in the clinic’s homes, hotels which are regularly visited by pediatrician who specializes in the newborn children. Doctor monitors condition of the newborn’s health, advises parents on all issues they are interested in. In the case of premature birth, BioTex covers all the expenses concerning necessary medications, procedures, and child’s stay in the hospital if it is needed. During the whole period of the program manager and interpreter accompany couple. and organize all processes, coordinate patients, prepare all documents and help clients to go through the program without difficulties. Interpreters who accompany clients are accredited to work in the state institutions, as well as have an experience on working with the documentation for the surrogacy (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). All services listed above are included in the price of the program you choose. Also here are things that helped. Figuring out the people who could sit and be a great ear when I needed it, not just dismiss or want to avoid the reality of IF and how I was feeling in this new pursuit. Avoiding people who made me feel worse. Finding special things to do when otherwise my mind would run - movie, series, book, day trip, walk on a beauty day, etc. Connecting with an IF counsellor who could help me reframe my thinking and plan in advance how to better get through events and situations that gave me anxiety. And ultimately reminded myself that giving myself my best and healthiest shot at this does not involve negative self-talk or torturing myself emotionally - finding key statements to repeat helped. Things like “I am doing the best I can and giving myself my very best shot.” “I will get through this and be kind to myself in the process.” “I believe in my body and even if it takes time, I know I will become a mother!!!’’