Nurtrition and Fertility Webinar WEDNESDAY, MAY 27 2015


Hi Forum Friends,

I had a Dr. reach out to me about a webinar they are putting on discussing the effects that nutrition have on fertility. They said he will give 10 free tickets out to people who mention the link on and the rest can attend for a suggested donation. Please keep in mind this is not sponsored by, but I think this is a topic that many of us wonder about and study so I wanted to share the opportunity here. Please read the information and register to attend it on the link below if you are interested.
Are you having trouble getting pregnant or have had a miscarriage? Do you have irregular cycles? Have you been told you have “unexplained” infertility? Research shows that many women & men suffer from infertility due to hormone-disrupting toxins, improper diagnosis as well as nutritional deficiencies. Attend this lecture & you will learn how cycle charting combined with orthomolecular medicine can:

-Restore fertility
-Restore hormone balance
-Track ovulation’s peak day
-Achieve or postpone pregnancy
-Rebuild nutrient imbalances
-Address PCOS, PMS & pain
-Address adrenal and thyroid functions
-Increase sperm count