I had a question for those who have used their OBGYN as opposed to RE. I have met with RE but went with OBGYN because of cost. It has only been one IUI but after reading posts I feel like maybe I should switch to RE. I don’t know. What are major differences? Does it increase your chance? I am just curious what everyone thinks as I am torn on this.

Thank you!!


[quote=laurab0621]I had a question for those who have used their OBGYN as opposed to RE. I have met with RE but went with OBGYN because of cost. It has only been one IUI but after reading posts I feel like maybe I should switch to RE. I don’t know. What are major differences? Does it increase your chance? I am just curious what everyone thinks as I am torn on this.

Thank you!![/quote]

I’m sure an RE would increase your chances after a certain point, but I guess it depends what sort of protocol you’re using.

I use an OB because of money, and because I haven’t even attempted to use any medication yet anyway. My next step is Clomid with follicle ultrasounds and nuvarel shot, but my OB can do that just as easily as an RE. If I needed to move on to injectables or something like that, I would need to switch to an RE.

If you’ve just started, and money is an issue, and you don’t have severe reproductive problems yourself, I think an OB is a good place to start, but that’s jus tmy opinion!

Good luck!


I am in the same boat, using DS with no fertility issues of my own, but I’ve still chosen to go with an RE simply because this is their specialty but that’s not to say that an OB/GYN can’t get the job done. If cost is an issue, I can totally understand why you’d work with an OB/GYN instead. There are a couple of things to consider though…if you were to get a positive LH surge on a weekend, would you be able to go in for an IUI? Most RE’s offices are open weekend mornings to accomodate weekend procedures…most OBs are not. Another thing, I wouldn’t go too far with DIUI without checking that your tubes are open (if you haven’t tested this already). DS is so expensive, you want to be sure that they’re able to get to the egg.

I think you’re fine to continue doing what you’re doing…but if you’re not pregnant after three tries, you might consider seeing a specialist.

Good luck!!!


Kris makes a good point, if your OB office won’t accomodate weekend/holiday IUIs, definitely consider an RE!

My OB will do both weekends and holidays, if they didn’t, I would have only been able to get 2 of the 6 IUIs I’ve done so far! I have the bad luck of being a weekend and holiday ovulater .


Thats one of my concerns is they are not available on weekend or holiday for iui. I’ve had the hcg test or dye test and everything was good. Hoping I don’t need that again because that test was torture! It’s been a couple years.

Thanks for advice. Money is kind Of a concern but mainly want best chance for success.


An RE is trained in getting women pregnant, so there for it would up your chances a lot. An OBGYN delivers babies and some use infertility as a hobby. So personally, RE’s are a better choice when dealing with infertility treatments.


We started out by seeing an ob but switched to an RE right away. I wanted to see someone that specialized in getting women pregnant and I’m so glad we did. It gave me more hope during the tests and such and the second IUI worked. As I told DH, we’ve waited long enough. I’d rather go right to the top.


We started with my Ob/Gyn. Some of you already know my position on this (like Missing), but after spending 1 1/2yrs. with my Ob/Gyn and getting no where and then having switched to an RE I highly recommend an RE if you are serious about getting pregnant and, just as important, keeping the pregnancy once it has been achieved.

As Missing already stated–infertility treatments done by Ob/Gyn’s is more or less a hobby. Overall they not only lack the expertise needed to deal with the complications of female hormones, but they are not set up to accommodate the demands of your individual cycle and as a result you may be way under stimmed or over stimmed, not monitored properly, and/or not able to trigger all because your cycle doesn’t fit the convenience of the Ob/Gyn’s schedule. At least this was my experience.

My biggest complaints about my treatment by my Ob/Gyn were as follows…

1.) I had to sit out cycles because my period started while the Doc was on vacation and could not do a baseline ultrasound or I would miss it because he wasn’t going to be there for the mid cycle follicle scan (kudos to him for even monitoring me which many Ob/Gyn’s dont’ bother with).

2.) He thought it was unnessary to do an ultrasound prior to CD 17 on clomid and thus I only had one cycle out of 8 stimmed cycles that actually fit his expectations. (since moving to an RE and being given ultrasounds much earlier in the cycle we have discovered that I was likely ovulating earlier than the scan my ob/gyn was doing). So in otherwords I wasted my cycles with him.

3.) My Ob/Gyn had a tech do the ultrasounds and that tech was never allowed to tell me anything about what she saw so I never know if my follicles were even close to the right size, or how many I had, or if I could have already ovulated. I was kept in the dark. (with my RE he does them himself, shows me the screen, and explains absolutely everything he sees and what it all means).

4.) My Ob/Gyn recommended Ovarian Drilling which isn’t so bad except according to my RE the technique he used was basically useless.

5.) My Ob/Gyn did an HSG during my Lap (ovarian drilling procedure) and told me my tubes were clear, but failed to report it in my records so my RE insisted on having an HSG done which I did, but it was very painful and my tubes turned out to be clear so I felt that it was an unnecessary pain and expense to my insurance all because my Ob/Gyn failed to note it.

6.) I was tested by my Ob/Gyn for high prolactin and was told it came back fine, but after being told by the RE that I needed to be placed on Bromociptin for high prolactin I asked for a copy of my labs from the Ob/Gyn and found that they were indeed high and I also found other lab results to be abnormal that I was never told about.

Okay so having said all of this I want to make it clear that I loved my Ob/Gyn which is why I stayed with him for so long. He is also known in our State as being the best Ob/Gyn for infertility and hormone related treatment so I figure that if he is the best Ob/Gyn and he got all these things wrong then only an RE should really being doing this stuff.
What it came down to is that he did not have the time to really treat me and he lacked the expertise. I believe that of the Ob/Gyn’s that are successful with getting women pregnant it is more likely due to luck than anything else.

My recommendation to all who asks–Don’t waste your time, your emotional energy, your money, and potentially even make your problem worse by being treated by someone who doesn’t truly understand what they are doing–Seek an RE!!!

Hope this helps! :flower:


I had to explain to my OB what an AMH test was. Considering that that is my primary (perhaps only) fertility issue, I’d be getting nowhere with just my OB.