Oct./Nov. 2WW who's with me?


hi ladies. just transferred 2 6d PGS frozen embryos. Let the 2WW begin…


Hi ladies, this is my first time doing IVF, my retrieval could be Monday (depending on my sono and blood). I’m so excited!


I am just coming to the end of my 2ww. Beta is on Tuesday. I am all peed out, and ready to get on with things.


I’m there too!! Transfer of 2 6 day blasts (one already hatching) yesterday. Now time to wait. Anyone do bed rest? I’m supposed to do 3 days - not possible with a 2 and 4 year old. I just rested when I could. Hope this is ok!!


Good luck during your 2ww. Can’t wait to hear your updates!


Hi Ladies,

I had one 5-day blast (Grade 5AA) transferred on Wednesday afternoon. Its now Saturday afternoon. I’m not sure what stage I’m at now. Would Wednesday have been Day1? Either way, I’m on board the 2WW train. Best of luck to all of us! :slight_smile:


I’m not in the 2ww but I remember you from the August FET group and wanted to wish you and all the girls on here lots of luck and baby dust! :slight_smile:


Best of luck! I’ll be joining this group in 5 days =) Here’s a link to a timeline after FET. Very useful =)



AWWWWWW so nice to see you on here again!!! XOXO…grow little bean grow!!! how are you feeling?


welcome!!! do you plan to POAS


wow, good to see you!!! how are the babies???


we are in the same boat…2 6D one hatching!!! my RE said take it easy for the first day then back to mostly normal.


so your HPT’s have been negative? I am POAS crazy, I always have to know before the BETA. this is my 8th transfer I think…or 9th? I will have to check.


congrats!!! we will pray for lots of healthy mature eggs!!! lets us know!


Thanks Pamela! I’m feeling great, thanks:) So much that some days I wonder if I’m really pg! I can’t wait for you to be pg again too! Maybe twins this time!!!


Hey all those in 2ww!! Did anyone do bed rest? If so - how much? I’ve only done a few days of bed rest - but with lots if interruptions. I’m hoping it is good enough. I’ve had some cramping but not sure if it was because of my constipation (darn PIO!!). How is everyone else??


I don’t count the day of transfer. So for me - we transferred Wednesday - so today I am 3dp5dt. So today you are 4dp5dt :-). We are a day apart! Have any symptoms?


I am actually only a little over 2dp6dt. I will take my first test in the am. I am actually nauseas. I broke out in a sweat today off and on… I may break down and test tonight . I haven’t had too much to drink so we will see.


at this point i’m begging for twins!!! I have been sick today…not a cold so hopefully it is twins!


Yay! I hope you get them! I was really hoping for twins too but am happy to be pg at all:) I think it might be best for me to have one first and 2 next time around to get my body used to carrying!