October 2014 due date buddies


I’m going to start an October due date forum because I am due October 2!! My first beta on 1/22 was 204 and 2nd on 1/24 was 532. Excited to see everyone that will be joining!!!


Hi! I’m not really ready to join but maybe someone will see this post since everything else is MISSING and impossible to locate… Had 3rd IUI on 13th and got BFP on 26. Exciting! Went in for beta on Monday 27th and it came back at 62 which was ‘good’ they said but I was still worried bc so much lower than with DD. Then yesterday’s beta came back only at 107. So it rose but didn’t double. So now I have to repeat tomorrow and of course am FREAKING OUT!


Looking~ I read your post!! I hope everything worked out okay & your 3rd beta was much high we!!1