Off meds/monitored by RE and confused!


Hi All,
So after 3 months on Clomid and working with OB (see history below), we chose to get things really going and not waste more time, so we put Clomid on hold and went to RE for full work up. Had testing done (HSG and baseline bloodwork), results were posted on “patient portal” online, but we aren’t meeting with RE until Jan. 10th for full explainations. In the meantime, was told that I did O on my own (YAY!) but saw that progesterone was 4. Isn’t the goal for it to be above 10 or 15 at least? I’m confused. Supposed to go in for preg. test next week if AF doesn’t show. Not getting hopes up at all, still skeptical/in disbelief that I O’d on my own and on the expected cd. Go figure!


test results

[U]cd 12 testing:[/U]
FSH = 2.69
estradiol = 322
progesterone = 1.69
17 OH-progesterone 62

[U]cd 19 testing:[/U]
estradiol = 111
progesterone = 4.9 ng/ml

HSG: blockage on L but was able to clear

Any insight? Or any other test results I should be looking at instead of those listed above?


I’d ask for some progesterone support. A progesterone test of 5+ indicates ovulation. But anything over 10 is suppose to be better. Sometimes anything lower than 10 needs support to hold a pregnancy IF it was to happen. I’d say you probably ovulated just a very very very weak one.


Makes sense. Thanks for your insight!


Maybe the progresterone test was done too early. Usually those should be done 7 days after you actually ovulate. Good luck at your appt.


Very true! That is how it was done when I was on clomid and my numbers were much higher (although could be due to meds, too) I will bring that up to him why it was done so early…thanks!