Oh no ... shrinking Follicles!?!?!



Have any of you experienced shrinking follicles?

I was so excited :cheer: to be beating the odds and had three of five follicles growing really well. Then yesterday two of the three showed up smaller. Then again today even smaller.

What have I done wrong? How can jump start their growth again?? :grr:

I am injecting:
Lupron 10iu 2x day = 20iu
Gonal-F 600iu 2x a day = max of 600iu

Shrinking follicles??? I am so bummed out. Is there anything I can do to get them growing again??? :pray:


No comments??? ;-(


Sorry, I have never had any experience with shrinking follies and I haven’t ever heard of that happening before. I am interested in hearing what they have to say about this though. Good luck.


This may not be exactly what you are looking for or want to see, but check out this blog regarding shrinking follicles…

Can your follicles shrink?? only sensible answers please? - Yahoo! Answers

Hope it helps, even if just a little.

If not, i’d call your RE and speak to them, ask them why this is happening. You deserve answers.


Thank you!!!

Ladies, Thank you for replying. :grouphug:

It is so weird. I just got a call that my follies are holding at 14mm and I am taking the max dose of Gonal-F! :pray:

Looks like they may trigger me tomorrow night so as to not lose the two smaller follies.

My nurse did tell me that after 9 years working there she has never seen someones follies get so big and healthy and them shrink.:grr:

Weird. :cross:


That is so strange. I certainly hope they are able to get some good eggs from those stubborn follies. Good luck to you.


LOTS OF LUCK!!! I hope those follies stay strong for you!! I’ll be :pray: for you!


No longer shirnking but growing!!

Ladies, thank you for you comments. Yesterday the follicles stopped shrinking. Today they each grow 2mm!!! Everyone invloved is just as perplexed as me. The only and I mean the ONLY thing I did different was I started taking the Gonal-F and the Lupron 30 minutes earlier than the last time I took it. So this morning I took it at 8am so to night I will take it at 7:30am and so on … that seemed to do the trick or maybe they decided to just be good follies and start growing again.

Now all I need is for them to be healthy!!!:pray:


Thank goodnes… I am so glad to hear the children are behaving again.


Glad they got with the program and started growing. The other thing I was going to suggest is that maybe it was a measurement error. I know I’ve had friends who’ve had a big difference from one tech to another. You have to remember that they’re only measuring a flat dimension of a 3-dimensional roundish object, so it’s all kind of an approximation anyway. Good luck!!


Thanks Kim! I actually just posted a new thread … I triggered at 9:30 tonight!! Ohhhhh I hope these follicles make it!