Ohio ladies I need help finding an OB!


I was released from my RE yesterday after getting pregnant through IVF. I had an appointment with an ob today but I didn’t like them or their office at all. I live in between Cincinnati and Dayton. anyone in this area who can help me find a good OB? I could go either place. Cincinnati or Dayton. Or anywhere around there. I thought this was going to be the easy part lol! TIA:flower:


Sorry, Just saw your post. I go to Dr. Hemmelgarn at Suburban OB/GYN, her husband is a local RE so she is very understanding. She is near Centerville/Bellbrooke area. I switched early on with my first pregnancy and asked the nurses at my RE and they gave me three suggestion, I interviewed all three and then ended up picking my REs wife!


Oh thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: How cool is that for u to hav related re and ob!! Sounds awesome.