Ohss risk question


Today I had my egg retrieval and got 35 eggs … It seems I will have more mature than I did my last cycle which I got ohss I never want to feel that bad again my RE had me trigger with Lupron and Ovadril. I’m wondering does the Lupron help stop the ohss I would have gotten from
The hcg trigger or am I at similar risk still ?


You are still at risk, but the fact that you used lupron to trigger along with some HCG (as that is what ovidrel is) will lower your risk since you didn’t trigger solely with HCG (which would have been a much higher dose without the lupron trigger). SO…yes there is still a risk, but it is lower with the lupron vs. the hcg.

My clinic tells us to eat ALOT of salty foods and drink a Ton of Gatorade as that helps to keep the ovaries from holding onto fluid and also lowers the risk.

:pray: with you that you don’t get it this time or at least if you do that you are able to catch it quick and it isn’t that bad. :flower:


Yes definitely it will prevent you from getting OHSS. took lupron to prevent OHSS in my cycle last October. My E2 was crazy high can’t remember what though. But I didn’t bloat like I usually do when I triggered with HCG.


I had 27 eggs retrieved on Sunday. I’ve been told to take 20 units lupron daily until AF & 1000 MG Metformin twice a day. Overall I’ve felt good. My diet has consisted of high protein low carbs, and salt free foods. I was told to watch my diet for 7 days.