Ok to give OB a bottle of champagne?


so, after having twins, I’m a little behind in that I still haven’t given my doctor a thank you gift and the twins are 8 mos old. I have a follow-up appt. and don’t have time to order a gift basket–is is okay to give them a nice bottle of bubbly?? I guess I would feel awkward if they didn’t drink- but I guess I would never know(: Any other thoughts on this subject?


i dont know that id give chamapgne, but certainly a bottle of wine.


I think anything you do will be a nice gesture. I just sent my ob (and his office staff because I loved them all!) a nice card that I wrote a very nice thank you to all of them in. I enclosed a couple of pictures of the baby. I was in once for a check up and Ethan was making his funny sad face. The girls there just LOVED it, so I captured it on film and put it in the card. I also sent a smiley face picture, and one of me, Ethan and my OB from my one week post-op appt. I think they really liked the pictures. One of the girls told me that whenever my OB got sad or upset, she would show him that funny sad face picture :slight_smile: It was also special because Ethan was the last baby my OB ever delivered (he’s retired now).